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mike lenczner with udell

From Jon Udell”s Interviews with Innovators: Community Wireless: Michael Lenczner is one of the founders of Île Sans Fil, Montreal’s community wireless network which comprises over 150 hotspots and serves almost 60,000 registered users. By any standards the project is a huge success. Yet Michael is an unusually thoughtful technologists who asks himself hard questions […]


Michael Geist has an article in the Toronto Star about Canadian book 2.0 projects. The two projects cited are Evan’s Wikitravel Press, and LibriVox. About Wikitravel Press, says he: For example, Wikitravel, one of the Internet’s most acclaimed travel websites, was launched in 2003 by Montreal residents Evan Prodromou and Michele Ann Jenkins. Using the […]

save griffintown

I’m always excited when the web starts having an impact on the actual city (or country) we live in. I am unlikely to go to a protest march or city hall to demand meetings with the mayor. I do send the odd nasty email to newspapers and politicians though, and I’ve seen three times online […]

a standout job

Montreal movers/shakers Ben and Fred have officially launched Standoutjobs Reception, with a little help from their friend Austin. Here’s what it is: The product is called RECEPTION. It’s a suite of web-based tools to power your online recruiting efforts. At its core you’ll find a do-it-yourself, interactive Career Site. The idea is to give companies […]

cool pic of mtl

Never seen a shot of the city from this perspective: [pic by caribb; via spacingmontreal]

Little Maghreb

This shocked me: Nearly half of Montreal’s 63,000 immigrants [from] Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia arrived here after 2001 and they’re quickly making their presence felt. What a change in seven years! I haven’t noticed, though the guy who installed my Videotron modem was from morocco and we had a good chat about life back there, […]

Mtl Tech Map

Heri’s got a map of Montreal tech start-uppy things going on, if you’ve got a project to put in there:

i love these things…

for some reason they make me happy. not sure why. (from clinesclines, of ye olde flyckkr)

PodMtl meet-up this thursday

PodMtl, a monthly meet-up for podcasters and the podcast-curious, as well as friends and family-members of podcasters. PodMtl is a welcoming, non-judgmental gathering in an open, non-threatening environment, to talk about issues that affect podcasters and those around them. So join us on November 29th starting at 19:30. Here’s the address : * Sergent Recruteur […]

cities and creativity

Mike announces that free community wifi group ilesansfil is proposing a project to the City of Montreal for a million dollars over five years to increase hotspot coverage. Kudos and good luck. Article in La Presse. In a related idea, Jon Udell talks about the cities and the creative class: …the creative class values place […]