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sell your US bank stocks

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financial scariness

I wrote a little bit about the subprime mortgage troubles a few months ago, and mostly we’ve all forgotten about it. Generally Canada has been well-insulated from the troubles, and probably most people have yet to be touched by the crisis directly. But anyone who thinks we’ve heard the last of it is wrong, I’ll […]

subprimes, hedge funds, economic woes

If you want to figure out what is all the fuss about subprime mortgages and the economic turmoil they seem to be inflicting, BBC’s Robert Preston has a good extensive summary. Here’s the bottom line: for the past few years, Wall Street has operated a giant machine for turning mind-boggling amounts of US home loans […]

financial house in trouble

From the Pessimism file: I’ve always been skeptical of hedge funds and sophisticated derivative products. In theory these financial instruments protect against risk, by playing potential movement of the market in one direction, off of movement in another. It’s high-powered math stuff, and it’s made many many people truckloads, billions of dollars. But I don’t […]