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LibriVox approaching 1,000 cataloged works

LibriVox is closing in on 1,000 books in our catalog (we’re at 997 as of a few minutes ago, thanks to Kara’s latest, This Country of Ours). For your interest, here are a few (not all) of the books we published this October: The Shortstop – Zane Grey This Country of Ours, Part 1 – […]

on the radio

i participated a while ago on Michel Dumais’ Citoyen Numerique. you have to listen through the little player, it’s: 2007 10 11 01citoyennumnerique-ballado 2007 10 11 02citoyennumnerique-ballado 2007 10 11 03citoyennumnerique-ballado the main librivox part is 03, at minute: 15:15ish. the rest is about podcasting, podcasting in quebec, digital music downloads etc … i make […]

podcamp boston

Sort of a strange podcamp boston. I wasn’t crazy about many of the sessions, too much focus on marketing etc (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just not my bag; marketing is important, but I’d like to see more people talking about exciting things they are doing with podcasting & new media); I gave […]