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Canadian legislation & innovation

As everyone knows, the next big wave of application innovation will happen on mobile devices, cell phones and cell phones plus (eg iPhone, and the competition that’s sure to follow it). Because of a combination of our regulatory environment, and our oligarchical mobile phone carriers, Canada is exempt from participation in this market. This means […]

beware! here be literature! here be humanity!

Warning: Transcriber’s Note: These memoires were not written for children, they may outrage readers also offended by Chaucer, La Fontaine, Rabelais and The Old Testament. Found that on the Gutenberg page for The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova … I owe the audio of chapter 10 from vol 1, over at LibriVox.

booker prized, free online?

From the Telegraph: All the novels shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize could be made available online in a radical move being considered by publishers, it was reported today… Negotiations are said to be in progress with the British Council to digitise the six shortlisted novels so they can be downloaded in full, all over […]