Hugh McGuire

publishing, technology, media, philosophy, a bit of politics. is Live and Fantastic, the National Film Board’s web site is now live, and open for viewers. Seven hundred documentaries, shorts, animations and general filmy goodness are available in their entirety on the site. I’ve been playing for a while now with the beta, but very happy this is out there in the wild now. I still have […]

Bookcamp: The Books Are All Right

[x-posted at Book Oven & Huffpo] As the death watch continues for the publishing business and perhaps even the book itself, a group of writers, technologists, publishers, agents, designers, booksellers, and social architects convened in London for BookCamp, a one-day thinking session (bookish experimentation) about what the future of the written word might be. The […]

Banks: Market Caps

Good, safe investment these banks, eh? The blue circle represents market capitalization of banks in Q2 2007; the little green peas are the same banks’ market caps in Jan 2009: [via zig]