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So, what I don’t get is this: if you think waterboarding should be legal, then say so. If you think it should not be legal say so. But this non-answer stuff, I find objectionable.

Here, on DemocracyNow!, is US Attorney General Michael Mukasey paddling around and around in circles, at the Senate Judiciary Committee:

> Audio (starts at 9:45)
> Reaplayer (starts at 9:45)

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amazon buys audible for $300M

News from the commercial side of audiobooks, amazon dishes out 300 smackers for

quick calculation:
-the article indicates that audible’s catalog is roughly 90,000 works
-@$300M for the kit, that’s about 3k/title
-so that makes librivox’s donation to the universe roughly worth (in grubby capitalist terms): 1200*3000 = $3.6 million.

let’s discount by 50% for our quirks, and, which puts us at $1.8 million, which sounds very low to me.

We’re adding about 70 books a month now to our catalog, so next year we should we “worth” twice that!

Not that we’re for sale (now or ever) but it’s … kinda interesting.

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find boredom again

I worry for the children …that with all of this information, they will not have the chance to be aware of their own lives… Head for the hills! Go to the woods, get away from all these people! Go to a place where boredom is available to you; there’s where you will start to remember all the things that have ever happened to you.

Garrison Keillor, on the Book Show.

Indeed. There is so little time to really think these days, what with the constant processing processing processing processing of information. New, surface, ephemeral information, constantly updated and replaced by more.

Mike and I and a few others had dinner with Jon Udell the other night, and Mike raised, convincingly, this big spectral question:What are we really doing, we digital do-gooding evangelists? To what degree will these “improvements” we wish to bring to people’s lives actually bring improvements? Mat’s complainging about the SNR on the web.

Ursula Le Guinn thinks books are doing OK (subscription only), and while I agree with her, I haven’t finished a book in months (this happens occasionally).

So: Is your life improved by the web? By your mac? Your iphone? I mean, I know you love the web and your mac and your iphone, but have they truly improved your life? For me the answer is a very big yes, and a very big no, and they compete furiously. (Though I don’t have an iphone yet, so maybe I should wait to make final judgments).

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Wednesday Picks from Earideas

Oops, forgot to point to this week’s best audio, Wednesday Picks from Earideas: This week: Karl Rove on the presidential race; evolution, the human brain, and economics; and the New Yorker’s new poetry editor, Paul Muldoon, talks music and verse.