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friday mixed tape: spelling songs

The eighties were a difficult time for the human race: so lost, so confused. This confusion came out in the music, in the dancing, in the haircuts, and most especially in the rock videos. But throughout those dark days, we were always learning new things, learning old things… learning to spell, for instance. This week, three songs to spell by. I consider this something of a musical sandwich: the worst of the eighties with an interesting musical combination from the nineties in the middle, though that 90s tune is of course a throwback to earlier, simpler times.

Every time I take a look at pop culture in the 80s, all I can think is: too much cocaine.

Hall & Oates: Method Of Modern Love
The hair, the videography, the dancing, the lyrics. The spelling. This song has it all.

John Lee Hooker & Van Morrison: Gloria
A serious interlude in an otherwise … difficult … selection for a Friday Mixed Tape. Irish big-lunged boomer, Ivan Morisson, Van the Man, along with one of the greatest, late bluesmen, John Lee Hooker, singing Van’s song.

Freeze: AEIOU (and sometimes Y)
Watching Hall & Oats in the first video, it is hard to remember that they are actually respectable song writers who knew how to craft a tune – even if they seem to have spent more time crafting their hairdos. Freeze, however, is another thing altogether. I am not sure there are any redeeming qualities to this video, except the strange nod to BMX and breakdancing.

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Little Maghreb

This shocked me:

Nearly half of Montreal’s 63,000 immigrants [from] Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia arrived here after 2001 and they’re quickly making their presence felt.

What a change in seven years! I haven’t noticed, though the guy who installed my Videotron modem was from morocco and we had a good chat about life back there, and the Moroccan poufs in our house (that we bought from that great little Moroccan store on Duluth). Well …

Walk a few minutes east from Saint-Michel metro and you’ll find yourself in one of Montreal’s most recent ethnic neighbourhoods: the Petit Maghreb, a 15-block strip of North African business along Jean Talon Street between St. Michel and Pie IX boulevards.

Anyone fancy a tagine sometime soon?

[I’m loving, by the way].