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green party’s net policies

The Green Party, reports Michael Geist, put out it’s policy document. Have not looked thru it yet, but there’s support for network neutrality: Supporting the free flow of information The Internet has become an essential tool in knowledge storage and the free flow of information between citizens. It is playing a critical role in democratizing […]

wikipedia & citations

Citation-mania on wikipedia has had a really negative effect on the style and fluidity of many of the articles I’ve been reading of late. There was a time when you could count on wikipedia articles for a roughly-neutral, often slightly idiosyncratic, sometimes really clunky summary of whatever you were reading about. But there was a […]

good advice, i think; or the end of creativity?

that’s a lotta radiohead

BBC reports: A single hard drive with four terabytes of storage (4TB) could be a reality by 2011, thanks to a nanotechnology breakthrough by Japanese firm Hitachi. In a way, this becomes less exciting as we move to a decentralized/online storage model.