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macbook pro replacement

painless replacement of my lemon of a macbook pro. just transfered all my data in a couple of hours to the new machine, everything appears to be in the right place, working smoothly. specs: old –> new: model: MBP 1,1 –> MBP 2,2 processor: intel core duo –> intel core 2 duo speed: 2 GHz […]

spybook, facesnoop

if you love facebook, you’ll love this: After seeing this, I decided not to import my blog into facebook anymore. I prefer not to give them unlimited and total rights & access to everything I write on my blog, thanks. UPDATE: cf. zura’s comment below, i am careful about what I would or would […]

zeke in a spot of trouble

All the legalese is a bit much for me this morning, but it seems as if Chris Hand of Zeke’s Gallery/Blog/Podcast is in some trouble for writing about some allegedly shady dealings in Quebec’s art world. Court injunctions, cease and desists etc. Read more here here, here and here. Heri has a review of the […]