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objectives 2007

A bit late, but here is of objectives for 2007, focusing on the next, say, 5 months. I have been waffling a little, dipping toes into too many things, and I need to focus on some key professional objectives. Here they are:

primary objectives:
1. finish novel #2 (draft 1) (august)
2. redesign collectik (august)
3. launch “edited collectik” (july)
4. launch new start-up (sept)
5. pitch book on LibriVox (sept)

secondary objectives:
6. get 2nd contract for collectik
7. publish novel #1 online (audio?) if I don’t hear back from Anansi (october)
8. get funding for atwater media project (sept)
9. post on huffington 2x per month

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microsoft: use windows or we’ll sue

From boingboing:

Microsoft has announced that Free Software users — including everyone who … uses Ubuntu Linux — are violating at least 235 of Microsoft’s patents, though they don’t say which ones. Microsoft are now threatening end users of GNU/Linux (that’s you and me again) with lawsuits unless we pay them protection money. “Nice operating system you got there, it’d be a shame if something were to happen to it.”

For the original article in Fortune, see: Microsoft takes on the free world.