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barcamp (and an invite to women)

First: Barcamp is this weekend. Deets:

  • Where : Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), 1195 Boul. St. Laurent [Google Map]
  • When : Saturday, April 28th, 2007 at 9:30 a.m.
  • What : a free (un)conference, where everyone is invited to make a presentation. (more or less).

Also, I got in trouble a while back because I made a list of people I know doing cool thing on the web in Montreal, and my list included mostly men. My response was: criteria were: a) people I know b) who are doing cool things AND c) on the web. Which ended up mostly guys, the same guys who show up to things like barcamp.

So here is an invite to a number of women I know who are doing interesting things on the web, to attend Barcamp, and presentations I would like to hear them do (note: presentation part is to be ignored, and just coming to the event would be good):

  • Shawna: thoughts on design and activism; twitter for families
  • Miriam: making drupal work for you; kids and digital media; running a web shop
  • Jen: the web from the corporate 90s to the community 2007
  • Martine: writing, blogging, film and TV
  • M-C: consulting in digital media; making a video community
  • Marie-Eve: art and graphic design; wearing art
  • Ella: photography and wifi; personal/public on the web
  • Casey: the future of vidcasting
  • Vero.b: will video kill the audio star? authenticity on screen
  • Tracey: are people starting to talk like geographers; or are geographers starting to talk like people?


  1. Martine Martine 2007-04-25

    Thanks for the invite! I already “registered” a while back and I’m definitely planning on being there. I’m even giving up a day of Metropolis Blue conferences so that I can attend! ;-)

  2. Tracey Tracey 2007-04-25

    Way to go Hugh! I have motherly duties to tend to this weekend therefore will not be able to attend! However, i would luv to bring to your attention a great project developed by vlogger extraordinaire Ryanne Hodson ( that i met in Dharamsala at WSFII ( Both she and i were quite disturbed at the fact that most of the tek events we attend never seem to have women as speakers. So she developed the Speaker’s Wiki: I urge some of the fine line up of gals you have here to go and register themselves and others they know there! It is a small step to help organizers select women for their speakers lists!

  3. Hugh Hugh 2007-04-25

    ooh. yeah. metropolis bleu. is should go to that, shouldn’t i?

  4. Martine Martine 2007-04-25

    There are a lot of great panels, or at least panels with great subjects! But it’s always the same with panels: it all depends on how they are moderated. You never learn that much, but it can be stimulating if it’s well done. Still, it’s a fun festival, with a friendly environment.

  5. m-c Turgeon m-c Turgeon 2007-04-25

    i wont be there, maybe another time… some of the reasons i already mentionned in an email to evan today:

    if i stick to all community activities, keep following what everyone’s doing, reading everyone’s blog, commenting on other blogs, writing on my blog, i’ll just end up like most of the people: doing lots of blablah and nothing else!

    Nothing against the barcamp, but i’v got less and less free time so i carefully select what i gotta do. Spending a saturday there is time i cant afford, and also, i need something different than hearing about web related project (specially web2.0!). I need something more colorfull, easy and fun, a place to chill, drink tea and have cookies – partly the reasons why i started creacamp!

    Thanks for the personal invite!

  6. Hugh Hugh 2007-04-25

    M-C …i hear you on the time. as for the web-related/web2.0 stuff, i *think* the point of barcamp is to have many different inputs about different stuff. so … would be nice to see some of the people presenting at barcamp: that is, the exciting stuff happens at the intersection of disciplines, and if all the creative people abandon barcamp, well, that’ll be a big dent in the whole point of the thing.

  7. Evan Prodromou Evan Prodromou 2007-04-25

    @Tracy: childcare is going to be a juggle for me and Maj on Saturday too. I wonder if we arranged for some kind of on-site childcare, these events would be more accessible for parents.

  8. Véro.b Véro.b 2007-04-25

    Besides the fact that Marie-Chantale was my first digital mentor and that I often tend to do as she says, and also in spite of the fact that I hate waking up early on a Saturday, I will definitely try and come. And most probably with my camera.

    Three days is not enough to prepare a presentation though. I’ll be pleased to listen and learn.

    Thanks for the invite.

  9. mir mir 2007-04-25

    Hey Hugh

    I’ll be turning 30 that and helping Mike/Jen buy stolen bikes from the cops.

    But maybe I’ll stop by later.

  10. Shawna Nelles Shawna Nelles 2007-04-26

    Thanks Hugh! I’ll be there! :D

    I don’t think I will be presenting this time… but I bet I will NEXT time!
    hrmmm… how about using Twitter for activism? ;) Actually I do think it would be a great tool for “take action” type alerts from Amnesty / Human Rights Watch etc..

    On the childcare issue: I’m a single mom so this is sometimes an issue for me too. On-site childcare might be a good idea.. perhaps when registering it could be requested and if there is enough interest it could be organized ?

    Then again, I could probably bring Ty along and he could present!
    “Web 2.0 for kids” or “How to surf the net when you don’t know how to read” … or something ;) (actually he reads pretty good now.. but he sure knew how to navigate his way around when he didn’t!)

  11. ella ella 2007-04-26

    I’ll try to be there (specially if meve goes!). The invitation is much appreciated.

  12. Sylvain Carle Sylvain Carle 2007-04-26

    As a father of three incredible kids myslef, I hereby nominate myself (and any other takers!) comme “animateur” du premier “kidcamp” de Montréal… just not this time, grand-parents will keep my kids entertained for the day, but I really want to find a way to make it happen so kids can get inspired and meet people with big ideas… but soon, for sure.

    They are 9, 11 and 13, so maybe it’s easier now than 2 years old…

    I might take my oldest daughter to creacamp next week tought, if I can fit it in our busy schedule…

  13. Tracey Tracey 2007-04-26

    This is totally awesome that people are talking rascals and technology! Hmm! Sylvain your 13 year old might be able to cash in as a babysitter at these events! All the event needs is a space with a door and some pre booking, activities, parents bring stuff like balls and crayons etc. w/ a rotation of engaged parents. I have always been amazed that hippie and gay pride events always pull off childcare. The parades here even have childcare floats! Very impressive indeed. I am sure people could develop a tool like the ones for billets, where x number of people offer childcare and get matched with x number of kids who need care and this becomes part of the event’s infrastructure.

  14. Sylvain Carle Sylvain Carle 2007-04-26

    Tracey, I guess it’s a perfect opportunity to teach “entrepreneurship” to my daughter, as well as “matching opportunity to interest” to my oldest son, I mean, “playing WII for a few hours with slightly younger friends” is quite an interesting opportunity, I guess.

    Or “teaching others what you learned this week about not filling any random forms off of the internet and having your father dealing with the consequences” (less popular but *so* useful, might I add, no harms done, still)….

    Oui, je crois vraiment que le partage de la passion entre les génération est un devoir, et je sais aussi que souvent, c’est par les “autres” que c’est mieux reçu, malgré tout nos efforts personnels.

  15. […] jours avant l’évènement, inspirée par l’invitation de Hugh, j’ai décidé de me lancer et de donner une présentation. Mon sujet? La faible présence […]

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