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politics, morality and evolution

I started writing about this ages ago, but have not finished yet… but in a discussion with Michael, the idea came up again, and I wrote a long comment there, which I’ll reproduce here (slightly redacted): *** my theory of morality is this: moral ideas are cultural constructs that sink or swim based on their […]

times they are a-changin’

Interpretation of the data is to be discussed, but the data itself is … astounding: from Maurizio.

barcamp (and an invite to women)

First: Barcamp is this weekend. Deets: Where : Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), 1195 Boul. St. Laurent [Google Map] When : Saturday, April 28th, 2007 at 9:30 a.m. What : a free (un)conference, where everyone is invited to make a presentation. (more or less). Also, I got in trouble a while back because I […]

LibriVox and Laika in Reason Magazine

… LibriVox began in a vibrant section of Montreal called the Plateau, where 32-year-old Hugh McGuire lives with his wife…McGuire hangs out at Laika, a cafĂ© and bar around the corner from his house that is popular with Montreal techies. At Laika, open source gurus, community WiFi evangelists, and A-list Web designers drink coffee, eat […]