pdsounds launched

Stephan, a hard-core LibriVox volunteer/admin (maker of the LV poster), has launched a new exciting project: pdsounds.org …(pd for “public domain”). About:

With recording devices and microphones pdsounds volunteers acoustically discover the beauty of the world. From the million sounds of things to the pure waves of sinus. Our goal is to record it all and make it available for free.

The project looks great (and the design looks familiar! ;-) ) … and it should be a welcome addition to the free audio world. There are a few other such libraries around, notably freesounds …but the main difference here is license: while freesound uses a creative commons license, pdsounds is all public domain – that is, can be used for whatever reason with no attribution, no worries about commercial/non-commercial etc. There might be some other differences.

Anway, I have contributed my first sound (thanks to Jer’s coffee making skills).

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collectik @ democamp

I presented Collectik at Democamp Montreal#2 … a great evening and I got some really great response and feedback. Josh, at Yashlabs, has an excellent review of the event, including some vids. I’ll be posting more on this soonish, I hope.

Austin hosted a great post-event cocktail party at his pad for presenters and an assortment of techies, investors etc.

Next up, I’ll be presenting about some of the mistakes I think I & we have made & lessons learned to the next Barcamp Montreal, on Saturday, April 28th, 2007.