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Freedom and Constraints

(cross-posted at TextoSolvo) One of the problems in the Western world right now, in my estimation, is that we see “freedom” as an artificially good thing in an abstract & idealized sense. humans, whatever else we are, are animals, and we have developed biological and cultural systems to deal with the universe. and nothing is […]

redirect/.htaccess kungfu

Thanks to Evan for the .htaccess/redirect kungfu code. Thanks to Boris for the .htaccess/redirect kungfu implementation. Now if you follow a google link to the old dose, say: You should get redirected to the equivalent page on … google & other search-engines, apparently, will follow the links too. Now I will see if […]

twitter API prompt??

some visitors here are being asked to register for twitter … could it be because I am running the twitter thingy on 2 sites at once, also on Any thoughts anyone?