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last rejection: anansi

Dear Mr. McGuire, Thank you for your submission to House of Anansi Press. Anansi has been experiencing a severe backlog in submissions that has resulted in very long delays. We apologize for the wait. After careful consideration and considerable review, our editorial board has decided that, although you demonstrate writing potential, Blind Spot does not […]

blatchford on blogs

Globe columnist Christie Blatchford wrote an article about blogs … with the tiresome old complaint, “blogs are like little girls’ diaries” etc etc. and ended: “I do not blog, I have not blogged, I will not blog and, furthermore, I do not care to read blogs.” So, being the old crank that I am, I […]

blog commenters

The people who comment here tend to be thoughtful and interesting even if I don’t agree with them, so whenever I see discussions about commenters on blogs acting like tools, I think, oh well, don’t seem to have that problem here. Then every once in a while I post something that seems to attract attention […]

Regret the Error

Went to Craig Silverman’s book launch for Regret the Error … looks great. Good crowd of mtl geeks and other folk. Blurb from the introduction to the book, by Jeff Jarvis: Craig Silverman’s examination of the art of the correction in his blog and now this book could not come at a better time for […]

librivox – nanowrimo

LibriVox is doing another national novel writing month (nanowrimo) novel … why not sign up for a chapter here. background: During the month of November 2007, LibriVox volunteers write the serial novel The Yellow Sheet together, based on the guidelines of the National Novel Writing Month. Each volunteer writes one or more chapter (we do […]

firefox plugin wish: copy/paste extra

for any of my developer friends who have good connections with the firefox gods, here is what i would like to add to the plugin wishingwell (or maybe it exists already – pls send URLs): copy/paste extra: an enhancement of the copy/paste functions (ctrl-c/ctrl-v) that allows you to: copy: to copy the text you want […]

wikipedia & citations

Citation-mania on wikipedia has had a really negative effect on the style and fluidity of many of the articles I’ve been reading of late. There was a time when you could count on wikipedia articles for a roughly-neutral, often slightly idiosyncratic, sometimes really clunky summary of whatever you were reading about. But there was a […]

The Facebook Review

The Facebook Review: The first … Literary Review that uses Facebook as its means of publishing, of marketing, and of editing. We are essentially an online magazine with the (titular) difference of location. Our manifesto is humble and somewhat weak-kneed. Apologies. All we want is to publish the best work by Facebook members and to […]

unpublished novel vote

OK so I said a while back that if I have not heard from the publisher about Blind Spot (my old, fatally-flawed first novel; i have a newer one to shop around now) by the end of September, I would do something with it. Options: 1. make an audio version (maybe with some LibriVox friends) […]

I’m a HuffPoer

I was asked back in May to do some blogging for the megablog Huffington Post. It’s been a bit of a strange summer, and I haven’t written much of relevance for a wide audience. But today I finally wrote something (see the facebook post below) and thought: oh, that could get sent over. So I […]