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beautiful writing

Good writing is such as pleasure, especially when it’s about something you care about: Without the kooks and the insulters and the spray-can taggers, Wikipedia would just be the most useful encyclopedia ever made. Instead it’s a fast-paced game of paintball.

getting to know a text

I just finished writing a book review, for Books in Canada (I’ve suggested they fix their site). My reviewing technique, which is the same technique I used writing papers on texts in university, and is probably total overkill, is to make notes of important passages while reading, and then copy all those passages out (in […]

Contest: Worst About Text on the Web

I am launching a contest: the Worst About Text on the Web. First paragraph only. Comment below with your entry, and a link to the offending text. An expert panel of Judges from Around the Universe will decide on the winner, announced one month from today (if anyone submits anything). Winner gets a free beer […]

what i’ve been writing about

This, apparently: america american around black blog books canadian chair china comments company countries downloads earideas engineering europe european feed global hugh human librivox link local mixed money montreal newspapers nice obama people personal politics post power project re really shared song system talk tape technology things think video web world years created at

the real steve jobs is pissed

fake steve jobs writes a blog i’ve read very occasionally, funny satire on all things tech, apple and jobsy. the real steve jobs, apparently, has had enough. the fake one got a letter from apple lawyers, and how’s this for scary: And then, I swear to friggin God, there’s a list of my assets with […]

media, the problem of bloggers & mind

I’m usually dismissive about complaints about “bloggers,” because the usual complaints (boring, stupid, half-assed) don’t apply to the ones I read. But this interview (text and audio) with BBC documentary maker Adam Curtis talks not so much about bloggers in general, but about the actual impact popular bloggers have on media (particularly in the USA), […]

defensio anti-spam

I’ve been using the Defensio anti-spam plugin on here for a couple of weeks now. I’m a happy man … and I believe it’s superior to the defacto wordpress spam blocker, Akismet. Why? 1. Defensio seems better at learning what’s spam and what’s not – and it admits its mistakes. there’s an nice little performance […]

ShiftSpace (and good/bad web text)

ShiftSpace looks to be a cool project, it changes the Read-only web into Read/Write web, by letting you add notes, highlight, rate, and even modify source code of sites, in a “second layer” … that is the site stays the same, but by pressing shift+space, you see the notes etc of other shiftspace users, and […]

LibriVox Nanowrimo

We’re doing Nanowrimo again over at LibriVox… each day a different writer does a new chapter, at the end of the month we’ll have a novel (sort of). It’s fun & we’re looking for more writers if you want to join in: here. I just finished my chapter, a Haruki Murakami-inspired bit of abstract Japanofilia…was […]

Norman Mailer, RIP

I think the first “serious” novel I read was Mailer’s Naked and the Dead. In the past year, Mailer gone. Vonnegut gone. Bellow gone. I wonder which high school favourites are left? I’ll have to think about that one. RIP, mr. mailer.