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the real steve jobs is pissed

fake steve jobs writes a blog i’ve read very occasionally, funny satire on all things tech, apple and jobsy. the real steve jobs, apparently, has had enough. the fake one got a letter from apple lawyers, and how’s this for scary: And then, I swear to friggin God, there’s a list of my assets with […]

twitter hashtags

more semantic web from ground up rather than top down: twitter #hashtags, see … hashtag any twitter post (eg. #montreal) and it ‘s trackable and findable on (I think they need to be following you on twitter). smart fellows. (oh and here is an explanation of twitter)

google knol – finder becomes producer

Google is playing around with a new Wikipedia competitor, knol: Earlier this week, we started inviting a selected group of people to try a new, free tool that we are calling “knol”, which stands for a unit of knowledge. Our goal is to encourage people who know a particular subject to write an authoritative article […]

MovableType goes GPL

With the success of WordPress – free & GPL – that other blogging platform, MovableType was on its way out. But SixApart has just released MovableType in GPL. Good for everyone I think – throw some competition into the mix.

Mtl Tech Map

Heri’s got a map of Montreal tech start-uppy things going on, if you’ve got a project to put in there:

an advertising role reversal

I’m just fiddling with Amazon ads for another web project soon to be launched (stay tuned). If you scroll down on the left-hand sidebar (on my homepage, here), you’ll see some ads on this blog (they won’t last long). Here’s one too: Widgets As I’ve been playing around, it occurs to me that […]

finding the core

Just posted a comment on Dan Misener’s blog (Dan now runs CBC radio, from what I can tell), that I thought was worth repeating here. Dan’s post was about connective tissue, says he: On Spark, we’re trying really hard to make the show’s connective tissue live up to its content. That comes in the form […]

media, the problem of bloggers & mind

I’m usually dismissive about complaints about “bloggers,” because the usual complaints (boring, stupid, half-assed) don’t apply to the ones I read. But this interview (text and audio) with BBC documentary maker Adam Curtis talks not so much about bloggers in general, but about the actual impact popular bloggers have on media (particularly in the USA), […]

cities and creativity

Mike announces that free community wifi group ilesansfil is proposing a project to the City of Montreal for a million dollars over five years to increase hotspot coverage. Kudos and good luck. Article in La Presse. In a related idea, Jon Udell talks about the cities and the creative class: …the creative class values place […] launches

After a whole lot of work, the Collectik Team is very happy to announce the official (soft) launch, of the Canadian Cultural Podcast Directory, a project of the National Arts Centre, and (a site run by the Department of Canadian Heritage) … coding, design and implementation by Collectik. Here is the about: Welcome to […]