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chinese domain names

you know, if i were smarter than I am, i would do something about this email i got: Dear Customer, Gung Hei Fat Choy! In celebration of Chinese New Year, has slashed prices on new .CN registrations. ——————————————————– REGISTER A NEW .CN DOMAIN FOR ONLY $1.99/ONE YEAR (USD). ——————————————————– Offer expires February 29th […]

attention defecit machines

From New Scientist: A bunch of sources are reporting on a University College London study into how people born after the arrival of the internet – sometimes dubbed the Google generation – handle information. The top line is, they’re not very good at it. Although skilled at quickly searching for information they are bad at […]

The internet is a copy machine

Kevin Kelly writes about what values start becoming more important when copies are free: The internet is a copy machine…. Yet the previous round of wealth in this economy was built on selling precious copies, so the free flow of free copies tends to undermine the established order…. When copies are free, you need to […]

find boredom again

I worry for the children …that with all of this information, they will not have the chance to be aware of their own lives… Head for the hills! Go to the woods, get away from all these people! Go to a place where boredom is available to you; there’s where you will start to remember […]

openid & comment tracking?

So, one thing that would make OpenID really useful, I think, is if there was a way to track blog comments made across the web, while logged in with my openid. That is, have an RSS feed of “Comments made on all blogs by” … There have been a few of (non-openid) efforts at […]

feed icons

From Matt:

Goodhart’s Law

Goodhart’s Law: Once a social or economic indicator or other surrogate measure is made a target for the purpose of conducting social or economic policy, then it will lose the information content that would qualify it to play such a role. Translation: once people know what you’re measuring, they start to game the system. Read […]

defining what you are for (just like porn)

All sorts of institutions are in big trouble because of the internet, and they’re scared as hell. Newspapers can’t figure out how they’ll keep making money; the music business is terrified that its business model is evaporating. Britannica has faded to irrelevance for anyone with an internet connection. I think that’s the tip of things, […]

openid (wordpress plugin)

I’m pretty sure openid (a centralized, secure sign-on) is a good idea. evan has a post explaining it, addressing some security worries (but his server seems to be down now, so i’ll have to link later) and here it is. anyway, i’ve just installed the wordpress openid plugin, so you can leave comments here using […]

wikia search

Jimmy Wales got hammered by Arrington for the launch of Wikia Search. Jimmy Wales comments on the techcrunch thread, with a salient point: When I launched Wikipedia, I wrote at the top of the first page “Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”. On that day, anyone reviewing it would have laughed. What’s this? There’s nothing here! This […]