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10 questions for media entities

Jeff Jarvis asks 10 questions of newspapers… Probably these should be asked of anyone who has anything to do with: a) information b) the webbernet Here are the questions, and some teasers… see more here. 1. Who are we? “I’m going to start with an existential question. It’s a fairly ridiculous one but I don’t […]

tourism-mtl & the inter-what?

Tourism-Montreal has just launched, according to Patrick, a $1.5 million web site. I just violated their terms of service, because incredibly (that word is too weak), their terms of service indicate: You are prohibited from creating links in other Web sites leading to this Web site without prior express authorization from the Site Owner. ???? […]

CRTC’s new media consultation

This looks pretty important: CRTC, Canada’s communications regulator, is doing a consultation on “New Media Broadcasting.” Here is a CBC story on it. Here is the consultation overview doc. Here is the e-consultation site. [via Michael Geist]

intimacy & the question concerning digital technology

Martin Heidegger’s 1954 piece, The Question Concerning Technology transformed the way I look at technology (it’s really dense, and the translation is heavy-handed). I read it in 1995, a decade before I got implicated in the web, and 40 years after it was published. When I first started writing on the web in 2004, I […]

events tonight: electro-lit & design 20×20

Busy night tonight. First, pal Nora Young, of CBC’s Spark, will be at the Blue Met, hosting a panel, 7pm at DELTA CENTRE-VILLE – RÉGENCE A: OUT OF THE BOX: ADVENTURES IN ELECTRONIC LITERATURESince the computer was invented, writers have been using it to forge new literary forms. From the early days of hypertext fiction […]

monocle and comments

Dan Hill has a wonderful posting of Monocle design notes. There’s much good and thought-provoking stuff in there, particularly if you are interested in text as a medium, and the thinking behind the next generation of media, which sees web and print as different, and complementary, and builds both accordingly. This struck me particularly for […]

internet is shit.

This is great: Of course in lots of ways it isn’t shit, but in many ways it is. So, what do you and I do about it? We can either: a) cut back our time on/commitment to the web, or b) find ways to make it less shit; find good, important things to do […]

scientists vs. publishers vs. wikipedia

From the New Scientist: Scientists who want to describe their work on Wikipedia should not be forced to give up the kudos of a respected journal. So says a group of physicists who are going head-to-head with a publisher because it will not allow them to post parts of their work to the online encyclopaedia, […]

nervous system & electronic media

Norman Doidge (channeling McLuhan): Electronic media are so effective at altering the nervous system because they both work in similar ways and are basically compatible and thus easily linked. Both involve instantaneous transmission of electronic signals to make linkages. Because our nervous system is plastic, it can take advantage of this compatibility and merge with […]

Contest: Worst About Text on the Web

I am launching a contest: the Worst About Text on the Web. First paragraph only. Comment below with your entry, and a link to the offending text. An expert panel of Judges from Around the Universe will decide on the winner, announced one month from today (if anyone submits anything). Winner gets a free beer […]