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Why Academics Should Blog

I’m taking a Media Theory course at Concordia in their Media Studies MA program, which involves a fair bit of reading. I’ve come to the conclusion that all academics should blog. Here’s why: 1. You need to improve your writing I have never read such dismally bad writing as that which is prevalent in academia. […]

Public, Counterpublic and the Web

I’m doing a Master’s in Concordia Media Studies program, or at least part of a Master’s (taking just one class at the moment). Below is a paper I just wrote for the Media Theory class I am taking (with Charles Acland). After doing much writing in the past years – blogging, novel writing, article-making, it […]

Taking the Linkbait about Blogging

Paul Boutin has a linkbait article up at Wired, about why you shouldn’t bother blogging. My response is: Don’t blog to get known, blog to be knowable. Twitter, et al are great, and certainly they’ve eaten into bog posting significantly; the pros have (of course, what did you expect?) moved into what used to […]

Bookkake – Print-On-Demand Publisher

[cross-posted at the Book Oven Blog] Bookkake, is “an entirely print-on-demand, and web-oriented, publisher,” launched by James Birdle. Either he’s a pervert, or a good marketer, but he’s starting with … well, let’s call them saucy books. Interestingly his first batch of books are all old classics, and out of copyright, such as John Cleland’s […]

WaPo Political Browser

I wrote a long post a while ago about the newspaper business and the challenges for media and knowledge institutions in the digital age. One of my thoughts was that the real role of a newspaper is not so much producing content (though that is important), but more fundamentally helping readers make sense of the […]

Publishing is Dead. Long Live Publishing.

[cross posted at the Book Oven Blog] There’s been much teeth gnashing and lamenting over the impending collapse of the publishing business. See, for instance, the exhaustive New York Magazine article titled The End, with the lede: “The book business as we know it will not be living happily ever after.” Readers are reading less […]

datalibre alive again!

After a long hiatus due to a wordpress hack, datalibre is back up and running. I did a full reinstall of wp, a full update of the theme files, and put in most of the customization (I think). So we’re back to agitating for data freedom in Canada, to whit: is a group blog, […]

Announcing the “World Wide Web”

From Usenet, circa 1991 [Link via Karl]: From: timbl@info (Tim Berners-Lee) Newsgroups: alt.hypertext Subject: WorldWideWeb: Summary Date: 6 Aug 91 16:00:12 GMT In article I promised to post a short summary of the WorldWideWeb project. Mail me with any queries. WorldWideWeb – Executive Summary The WWW project merges the techniques of information retrieval and […]

Stop Sawing the Table!

The National Film Board of Canada has launched their beta player, with a cornucopia of wonderful documentaries, shorts, animations and abstract films. Established in 1938, and then reincarnated in the 1950s, the NFB was one of those great Canadian enterprises from a time when Canada was interested in doing new and challenging things. The NFB […]

why matters

Evan just launched an open source twitterish thing called He’s got tons of traction in a few short days (that surely have been long for Evan and the rest of the crack team at Controlez-Vous), including lots of interest from luminaries such as Dave Winer, Tm O’Reilly and others. So: first, a big kudos […]