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Ranking Amazon’s Rank

Over the weekend, started “deranking” sexually explicit books, and anything with lesbian/gay content….meaning that it’s become much harder to find those books in Amazon’s catalogs. Included in the purge is Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Jeanette Winterson, and a host of Romance Novels. Kassia has an open letter, and there is a bit of a twitterstorm […]

Music Business Learning?

This is a pretty extraordinary article from Bloomberg, nominally about the hot new music site/service, Spotify (not available in Canada or the US yet). What was striking: the execs from the music business, including Michael Nash, Warner’s SVP Digital Strategy and Business Development, finally cottoned on that the real challenge of the music business is […]

Ada Lovelace Day: Danielle Zaikoff (and many others)

My friend and colleague Suw Charman-Anderson launched an Ada Lovelace Day initiative (site, twitter) getting bloggers to pledge to write a blog post about women in technology. To honor my pledge, I am writing about Danielle Zaïkoff, P. Eng. But first, a little introduction about my more recent experience with women in technology. Every project […]

MediaHacks #5: Twitter as Google Rival

Media Hacks #5: this one ended up pretty interesting, talking about Twitter as a search engine and possible Google rival, Google search tweaks, brands, and conferences/unconferences. On the media hacks hotline: C.C. Chapman, Julien Smith, Chris Penn, Mitch Joel and me. LISTEN HERE: Media Hacks: Episode 5

Media Hacks #4: Economy, Advertising, News & Books

Media Hacks #4: a conversation about the economy, advertising, newspapers, books and where the money might be, with C.C. Chapman, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, Mitch Joel and me. LISTEN HERE: Media Hacks: Episode 4

Computers in the Classroom

Have there been any studies about whether having computers & wifi in a class improve or diminish the success of teaching? I’m a bit of a luddite on this front: I suspect that students get distracted by their technology, and the great brain sucker, the Internet. But I have no idea. On the other hand, […]

Newspapers: It’s Not Me, It’s You (Maybe)

With all the talk of newspapers shutting down, I wonder if we might flip the traditional interpretation: Maybe the problem is not so much online news sources killing off business for print newspapers; maybe the problem is the continued existence of print newspapers is stifling innovation in the online news space. Since so much (local) […]

Canada’s Top 10 Digital Thinkers?

Who do you think are the top ten digital thinkers in Canada? The people who are writing, or doing, the most innovative digital stuff in the country? You can name as many or as few as you like.

Announcing BookCamp Toronto, June 6

Announcing BookCamp Toronto, Saturday, June 6, 2009 at the MaRS Center, 101 College Street. BookCampToronto is a free unconference (definition at wikipedia) about: The future of books, writing, publishing, and the book business in the digital age. For more information, and to register, suggest sessions, please visit the wiki. BookCamp Toronto is inspired by BookCamp […]

Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet

From MagCulture: Ben emailed me last week promising a surprise, which duly arrived in the post yesterday. He and Russell have published a tabloid newsprint publication featuring some of their favourite posts from 23 friends’ blogs last year. The project came about when they found out how cheap and easy it is to print 1000 […]