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twitter API prompt??

some visitors here are being asked to register for twitter … could it be because I am running the twitter thingy on 2 sites at once, also on Any thoughts anyone?

next up, redirect

need to do a 301 redirect to send folks over here. evan suggested it, boris said he’d gimme a hand.

well that was pretty easy…

dreamhost one-click install; uploaded theme and plugin folders by ftp; exported Dose xml file; imported dose xml file. a couple of tweaks left, and bob, as they say, is your uncle. for whatever faults wordpress has, it’s a pretty fantastic tool. welcome to my new and final abode, everybody! UPDATE: jeeze-bazeeze: opened the doors here […]

i’ve moved!

Yesterday, I had coffee & a great talk with Matt Forsythe. He was the 5th? 6th? person in the last two weeks to make a comment about dose, dosemagazine, and the really awful CanWest rag, His comment was something: “It took me a long time to read your blog without cringing because I always […]

DemoCamp Montreal! #2

Oops I forgot to mention, I am presenting Collectik at DemoCamp Montreal on Thursday. DemoCamp is a free (un)conference, where local tech folk present their alpha, beta, or operational software, to local interested tech folk (other developers, angels etc). I’m on the bill with 4 others I think. Deets: Where : Society for Arts and […]

advice for podcasters (& bloggers)

I have been touring the net of late looking at podcast sites, and I have a few suggestions (some of this is relevant for bloggers too). I’m not talking about what you do in audio, but what your site looks like. Chances are I’ll come to your site before I hear your stuff, so what […]

OK, I’m Twittering

Dammit. I don’t even have a phone. I can’t get it into my sidebar for some reason. But, in any case, here I am: God help me now. (PS thank you Mitch; and can I make a suggestion for a killer business?: digital rehab centres, to cure people of addiction to digital information). (PPS: […]

OK, let’s kill web2.0

I had a discussion with Steve about the term web2.0, and whether or not it is useful. Steve wants it kyboshed. For me, the term was very useful, because it marked the time when new tools (eg wordpress) made it possible for me to publish to the web, without knowing anything about html. So: web1.0=passive […]

wordpress help!

Upgrading to 2.1.2 … and getting a mysql error, which you can likely see to the side here: WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 1] SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM any […]

cancon, podcasting and SIRIUS

Julien, a Montreal podcaster (longest active Canadian podcaster, most popular DIYer in Canada etc) & satelite radio man, just told me that his show, In Over Your Head plays on SIRIUS satelite radio in the USofA, but not in Canada. CBC owns 40% of SIRIUS Canada. Presumably interested in playing CanCon? But not interested in […]