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helping people do things

[ramble] This is probably old hat for many, but it occurs to me that what LibriVox and many of the other successful web aps and projects out there are about is helping people do things, rather than helping people get things. The best web providers (say google, flickr, wikipedia) these days all help you do […]

Telecom Outlook 2007

The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) just released their Communications Outlook 2007 report, that gives an overview of member states’ communication (mobile, broadband, broadcast, telephony etc) infrastructure, usage, pricing, etc. Michael Geist gives a brief review of the report, and extracts these key points: Canada ranked second last in the OECD for the […]

amazon adds “context links”

For those of you who want to make millions (or even 10s) on your blog, by pimping for faceless internet corporations on the digital equivalent of your soul, Amazon has added “Context links” to its affiliate program, aping google, but this time with a more targeted product base. Says Amazon: Context Links is a tool […] at

Brief interview with Rami Tabello of, over at

map of montreal’s web community

Heri whipped up a great little map of montreal’s web scene, surely missing all sorts of stuff, but it’s still a great visualization of many of the people I rub shoulders with, drink coffee with, and occasionally quaff the odd pint or two with. Missing, I note, is Collectik (tho we are in quiet retooling […]

pledgebank What is PledgeBank for? PledgeBank is a site to help people get things done, especially things that require several people. We think that the world needs such a service: lots of good things don’t happen because there aren’t enough organised people to do them. Can you give me some examples? Sure. ‘I will start […]

zeke hand redux

Some updates on the story of Zeke & Mr. Tremblay (see my previous post for background). The court session was held June 21, arguments were made, and now … we wait again till September 7. For a good review see: Fagstein: Zeke maintains status quo in court. Also interesting, Pierre-Antoine Tremblay has reached out to […]

how data (or, podcasting) will save the world

This presentation is not actually about podcasting, it’s about data…but it was presented at podcastersacrossborders, and LibriVox is the inspiration for these thoughts.

URGENT: zeke and a court injunction

Yulblogger, podcaster, ilesansfiler, and art gallery/space guy Chris Hand, aka Zeke, has had his blog shut down (UPDATE: possibly permanently???) by a court injunction. The Montreal and Canadian blogging, free speech, rational people communities ought to be up in arms. I urge everyone to at least write about this to get this info out. It’s […]

wordpress upgrade to 2.2

warning to you kids at home: don’t do it when you are exhausted. what should have been a 5 min little job was a 2 hr ordeal. I did so many things wrong, so many times, i can’t really believe it. but looks like everything is ok now. x-fingers.