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twitter proves useful

Two recent examples: 1. it helped me find an accountant 2. it confirmed for me that dreamhost was acting crazy for others, not just me.

firefox plugin wish: copy/paste extra

for any of my developer friends who have good connections with the firefox gods, here is what i would like to add to the plugin wishingwell (or maybe it exists already – pls send URLs): copy/paste extra: an enhancement of the copy/paste functions (ctrl-c/ctrl-v) that allows you to: copy: to copy the text you want […]

the most famous professor and his students

Michael Wesch of Kansas State University is probably the most famous university prof in the world, or at least he will be soon. Millions have read seen his articles videos in academic journals on Youtube, most famously, Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us, and more recently Information R/evolution. The latest looks at students […]

wikipedia & citations

Citation-mania on wikipedia has had a really negative effect on the style and fluidity of many of the articles I’ve been reading of late. There was a time when you could count on wikipedia articles for a roughly-neutral, often slightly idiosyncratic, sometimes really clunky summary of whatever you were reading about. But there was a […]

google books – whoa

I’m as much of a copyfighter as the next guy, and have some street cred in public domain, free culture circles. I think that big companies abuse copyright, and that draconican copyright systems stifle innovation and creativity, and further are no good for artists and creators. But I’ve never argued that copyright should be discarded, […]

yulblog on

Here. (some familiar faces in there).

spying an the net

Interesting story about bin Laden, the net, and a bungle. Apparently, a private US security company, SITE Intelligence Group, breached Al-Qaeda’s internet system a couple of years ago. And in September they intercepted that video of bin Laden (before it was public)…and passed it along to US intelligence services, with the warning: don’t make it […]

$9,250 per song

A court in the US has ordered a woman to pay $222,000 (£109,000) in damages for illegally file-sharing music. The jury ordered Jammie Thomas, 32, from Minnesota, to pay for offering to share 24 specific songs online – a cost of $9,250 per song. [link…] UPDATE: Here is the playlist: * Guns N Roses “Welcome […]

why is funding good stuff so hard?

Just reading about Alive in Baghdad’s funding woes (a project of Small World News). They are a news video service, that gets close to issues no one one in big media cares about: for instance, how car bombs actually affect Iraqi families and individuals. So why is it so hard to get funding for good […]

aol/hotmail and what you are allowed to read? is a lefty news agreggator, and a non-profit org. They send out newsletters and the like to subscribers. Recently, apparently, AOL and hotmail have stopped delivering truthout emails to hotmail and AOL email users – or have labelled as spam, so the emails are not going thru. Says truthout: While AOL has been […]