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defensio anti-spam

I’ve been using the Defensio anti-spam plugin on here for a couple of weeks now. I’m a happy man … and I believe it’s superior to the defacto wordpress spam blocker, Akismet. Why? 1. Defensio seems better at learning what’s spam and what’s not – and it admits its mistakes. there’s an nice little performance […]

ShiftSpace (and good/bad web text)

ShiftSpace looks to be a cool project, it changes the Read-only web into Read/Write web, by letting you add notes, highlight, rate, and even modify source code of sites, in a “second layer” … that is the site stays the same, but by pressing shift+space, you see the notes etc of other shiftspace users, and […]

how i use my tools

I’m noticing my self-selection of how I’m using my different digital publishing/networking tools: twitter: i use this as i would the old water cooler – comments about my day, pleasantries, links to little jokes, thoughts about life and everything. My twitter feed is open, but I only follow a few people, based on whether over […]

congrats to CBC radio!

Because I love good radio, I get very angry with CBC for their bad radio, of which the examples are abundant. However…I must offer a big public congrats to them for two new shows: Spark, a great show about tech and trends hosteb by the so very excellent Nora Young; and Search Engine, another fine […]

blatchford on blogs

Globe columnist Christie Blatchford wrote an article about blogs … with the tiresome old complaint, “blogs are like little girls’ diaries” etc etc. and ended: “I do not blog, I have not blogged, I will not blog and, furthermore, I do not care to read blogs.” So, being the old crank that I am, I […]

idea for a good web advertising business

There are many web stores out there, many affiliate advertising programs (amazon etc), and an increasing number of web ad services (google adsense, amazon etc) that you can put on your site to make some bucks. google gives you whatever ads that usually are irrelevant, and amazon gives you their products. Proposal: a “meta” affiliate […] and the geo-restricted web

Michael Geist writes a worrying article about how the web is starting to look more and more like cable. Until recently, the Internet was precisely the opposite [of cable], offering unlimited user choice, continuous interactivity, and technological capabilities to copy and remix content. That is gradually changing as broadcasters seek to re-assert greater geographic control […]

launch of Defensio anti-spam

The enigmatic Mat Balez announces the official beta release of Defensio, a new anti-spam plugin for blogs: There’s a bunch of things to love about Defensio, including the ability to sort by “spaminess” (bubble those false positives up to the top of your spambox!), RSS feeds of your spam and ham, and individualized performance statistics. […]

blog commenters

The people who comment here tend to be thoughtful and interesting even if I don’t agree with them, so whenever I see discussions about commenters on blogs acting like tools, I think, oh well, don’t seem to have that problem here. Then every once in a while I post something that seems to attract attention […]

teen podcasting

I’m watching a session at Podcamp Boston on teen podcasting, by kabren levinson of (started when he was 15, 2 years ago)… the intro was pretty interesting, about Kabren’s experience of NOT getting his session accepted in the original schedule (read his blog post here and the follow-up here… Podcamp, being run by good […]