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cheney on iraq

friday mixed tape: for BELL CANADA

In honour of how unhappy I am with Bell Canada for cutting off my phone for a week, telling me twice it would be reconnected without reconnecting, charging me for a long distance plan I did not order, disabling my call answer, and requiring calls to 5 different departments (customer service, credit, technical and repairs, […]

friday mixed tape: ska

Get your porkpie hats, your stovepipe pants, skinny ties and a nice pair of heavy-frame glasses, and start skanking. Two-tone rules. The Specials: Gangsters Madness: One Step Beyond The Beat: Mirror in the Bathroom

blogs and presidential politics

KOS hosts a yearly convention for progressive political bloggers. This year most of the Democratic presidential candidiates attended. If you are sick of the crap that passes for debate in mainstream media, have a look at where all the biggies in the Dem field stand on the issues, courtesy of the KOS event, and PoliticsTV: […]

mixed tape: cheezball slow songs of the 80s

Bit late for the Friday Youtube Mixed Tape, but here it is anyway. Tacky tearjerkers from mid-eighties, that are still fun to listen to (for a while anyway): Foreigner: I Wanna Know What Love Is Corey Hart: Never Surrender And, of course: Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the Heart

bergman is dead. long live bergman.

A short work of genius: The Dove (short), 1968 (mp4). (via Martine)

youtube mixed tape: genderbending

This weeks theme: genderbending. Rough Trade: High School Confidential Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side (Live, Brussels, 1974) The Kinks: Lola (Check out how excited the drummer is to be playing. It’s all he can do not to yawn!)

youtube mixed tape: late80s/early90s rap

LL Cool J: Mamma Said Knock You Out (east coast) Ice T: I’m Your Pusher (west coast) Maestro Fresh Wes: Let Your Backbone Slide (north coast)

Mirror on Atwater Digital Literacy Project

The Mirror’s got an article on the Atwater Digital Literacy Project, nicely done. Here’s the lede: Give a kid a video camera and they’ll fiddle around with the buttons, but teach a kid how to make movies and they’ll be feverishly posting to YouTube in no time—or at least that’s the idea behind the Atwater […]

Vonnegut in Second Life. On Youtube.

Man, it is a brave new world. What do you get when you mix: Youtube, Second Life, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr? This: Here is the text that goes with the interview: In August 2006, the national, weekly public radio program, The Infinite Mind, made broadcast history as it aired a four-part special taped inside the […]