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friday mixed tape: SNL performances

Normally Saturday Night Live music performances are pretty terrible (don’t know if the show’s even still on? do they still have bands?) … But I’ve seen a few good/impressive ones. Sugarcubes: Birthday This was the first time I’d heard Bjork, and I thought what the hell is this? I’d never heard anything like it. Neil […]

Saturday Mixed Tape: Rock Operas

The Who: Acid Queen (Tommy) Frank Zappa: Watermelon in Easter Hay (Joe’s Garage) Pink Floyd: In The Flesh (The Wall)

Sunday Mixed Tape: CBGBs

Sorry, this is a couple of days late… Hilly Kristal, owner of the famed CBGBs, where punk rock was born, died last week. In tribute: Talking Heads: Warning Sign (197?) Blondie: A Girl Should Know Better (1975) And, of course: The Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop (1977)

Casey in Guardian

Hey, sweet. Montreal video maven Casey McKinnon, of Galacticast and A Comic Book Orange, has an article in the (UK) Guardian, How Do You Beat Youtube, about what needs to happen in the online vid platform space. Congrats. UPDATE: Mat has an interesting response, from a consumer’s point of view. And he’s right on.

Laika Coffee Stirs the Heart

Every time I get a nicely layered Laika coffee, and watch the beauty of that first stir, I think to myself: If I ever make a movie, this will be the opening shot. Today I realized that with my little macbook pro isight camera, I could film it, and get that first shot I’ve always […]

Friday Mixed Tape: Men and Pianos

Tom Waits: Take Me Home Randy Newman: I Think It’s Going To Rain Today Elton John: Tiny Dancer

massive internet crash

Things appear to be working fine today, but I guess it was touch and go for a while: Reminds me a little of downtown Montreal.

police provocateurs

I’ve got a lot of activist friends who tell me that when peaceful protests get violent, it’s usually undercover cops *pretending* to be protesters who start throwing the rocks at the cops – which gives the cops just the excuse to come in with batons and break up the protest with teargas and violence and […]

friday mixed tape: my first tapes

When I was a kid I spent summers at my uncle’s farm in Ontario. All my cousins are older than me – and the youngest was Moira, so she spent the most time with me I guess. In 1980 I was 6 years old, and Moira was probably in her late teens, and I remember […]

youtube adds ads

Video advertising has started on the YouTube website, its owner – internet giant Google – has confirmed. Google said it had designed the way the adverts work on the video-sharing website to be as unobtrusive and undisruptive as possible. The adverts will begin 15 seconds after a user has started to watch a video, but […]