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friday mixed tape: spelling songs

The eighties were a difficult time for the human race: so lost, so confused. This confusion came out in the music, in the dancing, in the haircuts, and most especially in the rock videos. But throughout those dark days, we were always learning new things, learning old things… learning to spell, for instance. This week, […]

friday mixed tape: the blizzart years

In the year 2000, I split up with my girlfriend, and was going to move to New York City in six months, for a new job. I was twenty-six, and I spent many evenings of those six months hanging out, and occasionally dancing into the wee hours at a bar called Blizzarts, owned by my […]

friday mixed tape: oscar & the piano

Montreal jazz legend Oscar Peterson died this week. Oscar Peterson & Count Basie: Slow Blues (198? ?) Brilliant, as Oscar and the Count compete to see who can leave more space for the other genius to fill the room with music; and you have to love the spooning pianos. Oscar Peterson: Noreen’s Nocturne (1969) Oscar […]

friday mixed tape: gravel-voiced divas

Kim Carnes: Bette Davis Eyes (1981) This one held up pretty well, I’d say. Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks): Dreams (1977) From the incomparable Stevie Nicks. (Ike &) Tina Turner: Medley (1966?) This must have just blown the socks off of the kids in this studio. Tina got more gravelly, and more divaish in later life, […]

you should watch connections

We’ve been watching the 1978 BBC series Connections on Youtube at dinner time. It is a history of the world thru technology, demonstrating the chain reactions of incremental and quantum jumps in knowledge and tech, and their impacts on how we live. Fantastic television, and you should all watch it instead of the Knight Rider […]

alive in baghdad staffer killed

from BaghdadBrian in the twittersphere: Alive in Baghdad correspondent Ali Shafeya was killed on December 14th, details are still coming in. He was 24, survived by mom and sister. and: but is that worth even one human’s life? We are still not 100% sure its not the assignment we gave that killed him. and: We’ve […]

friday mixed tape: bursting into colour

Whatever you want to say about the sixties, looking back it was a time of the kind of change I don’t think we’ve seen since. All that came before was called into question, and things that came after were different on a scale that has not been approached again. Sometime around 1980, we went into […]

friday mixed tape: the final frontier

This week, in celebration of the launch of, (and the earideas audio challenge) songs about lifting off. Peter Schilling: Major Tom (1983) So of course the real song to put here is Bowie’s Space Oddity, where Major Tom first made his appearance. But the Schilling reinterpretation was a big favourite of mine as a […]

friday mixed tape: sesame street

Some of the great tracks from the kid’s show. NOTE: I just put up … for those of you who don’t want to have to wade through the rest of my yammering, and just want pure music video goodness. Sesame Street: Lowercase N If I had a rock band, I would cover this song […]

Schopenhauer & LibriVox on Youtube

As far as I know, this is the first youtube vid using LibriVox audio. This is DE. Wittkower reading Schopenhauer’s Studies in Pessimism. Music is Richard Wagner’s Rheingold. I’m not sure the providence of the images.