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friday youtube mixed tape: brit new wave

This week: British 80s new wave/synthpop Ultravox: Dancing with Tears in My Eyes [link] Flock of Seagulls: I Ran [link] …(watch for the lead singer’s mad keyboard skillz) Gary Numan: Cars [link]

friday eve youtube mixtape

Canadian 80s new wave: Canadian 80s garage rock: Canadian 80s arena rock:

opera idol

vietnam war history & porn

There is no nudity or anything, just good, old fashioned historical facts: (from BB)

young folks

(Peter, Bjorn and John, Link from Molly)

Your Parliament is Copyrighted

They may be paid by Canadian citizens, and they may work for Canadian citizens, and letting citizens know what they say may legitimately be considered an important component of a functioning democracy … but no no no, you can’t post to the net vids of Candian politicians talking in Parliament, without getting PERMISSION FORM THE […]

moyers and stewart

Bill Moyers is a great old journalist from PBS who defends his vision of America in the face of iniquity; Jon Stewart is a young comedian who defends America in the face of absurdity. See them talk.

times they are a-changin’

Interpretation of the data is to be discussed, but the data itself is … astounding: from Maurizio.

the department of memory inquiry

Here’s Gonzales answering honestly: White House spokesperson’s reaction: Bush’s reaction: and here is a wonderful Kubrickian remix of Gonzales’ chief of Staff, Kyle Sampson’s difficulties as well: Memory Gap.


Musica para 6 baterias y 1 apartamento – ZappInternet