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STM’s New Dumb Card: Opus

I wrote to the STM, about their new Opus Card: Hello, Why can I only put 6 rides/tickets at a time onto my OPUS card? I don’t want a weekly or monthly card, but I want to load up with many rides, not just 6. This does not make any sense at all. Are you […]

My Map of San Francisco

I had a great evening with Aaron while I was in San Francisco, talking books, reading, maps, photos, geo, politics, CBC, beer, Selagh Rogers, Yahoo, Mexican food, hand-waving, museums, and all sorts of other things. I had just got my iPod Touch a couple of days before, but after trying to rely on inferior technology […]

Wifi and Space

Wi-fi structures and people shapes, from Dan Hill: One of the ideas I’ve been exploring relates to how urban industry – in the widest sense of the word – in the knowledge economy is often invisible, at least immediately and in situ. Whereas urban industry would once have produced thick plumes of smoke or deafening […]

save griffintown

I’m always excited when the web starts having an impact on the actual city (or country) we live in. I am unlikely to go to a protest march or city hall to demand meetings with the mayor. I do send the odd nasty email to newspapers and politicians though, and I’ve seen three times online […]