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According to a Russian hacker team called “web-hack,” Apple’s much heralded and overly hyped iPhone contains “a built-in function which sends all data from an iPhone to a specified web-server. Contacts from a phonebook, SMS, recent calls, history of Safari browser” can be hijacked, as the VS iPhone blog reports. [more…]

US lags in broadband too; France wins

The numbers are startling. As recently as 2001, the percentage of the population with high-speed access in Japan and Germany was only half that in the United States. In France it was less than a quarter. By the end of 2006, however, all three countries had more broadband subscribers per 100 people than we did. […]

Mirror on Atwater Digital Literacy Project

The Mirror’s got an article on the Atwater Digital Literacy Project, nicely done. Here’s the lede: Give a kid a video camera and they’ll fiddle around with the buttons, but teach a kid how to make movies and they’ll be feverishly posting to YouTube in no time—or at least that’s the idea behind the Atwater […]

helping people do things

[ramble] This is probably old hat for many, but it occurs to me that what LibriVox and many of the other successful web aps and projects out there are about is helping people do things, rather than helping people get things. The best web providers (say google, flickr, wikipedia) these days all help you do […]

Telecom Outlook 2007

The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) just released their Communications Outlook 2007 report, that gives an overview of member states’ communication (mobile, broadband, broadcast, telephony etc) infrastructure, usage, pricing, etc. Michael Geist gives a brief review of the report, and extracts these key points: Canada ranked second last in the OECD for the […]

Prisoner of Zefra?

The Canadian military, specifically the Directorate of Land Strategic Concepts , has put out a novel called Crisis in Zefra (pdf) to explore how emerging technologies might impact on combat. Written by Karl Schroeder . Here’s a quote from the novel, for Boris: “A number of young men and women are approaching your position,” shesaid. […]

wordpress upgrade to 2.2

warning to you kids at home: don’t do it when you are exhausted. what should have been a 5 min little job was a 2 hr ordeal. I did so many things wrong, so many times, i can’t really believe it. but looks like everything is ok now. x-fingers.

macbook pro replacement

painless replacement of my lemon of a macbook pro. just transfered all my data in a couple of hours to the new machine, everything appears to be in the right place, working smoothly. specs: old –> new: model: MBP 1,1 –> MBP 2,2 processor: intel core duo –> intel core 2 duo speed: 2 GHz […]

facebook, eh?

So it seems that the recent kookooery around Facebook in my digital network is not a totally isolated blip of the Montreal geek world. Says Facebook Blog: If you were to check out the Toronto, ON network page, you’d notice that the Toronto network has over half a million members—a huge chunk of the explosive […]

private eyes are watching you

iTunes DRM-free music is GREAT move in the right direction, right? Yeah, as long as they don’t embed 360k of secret data including your name and email address … the better to see who’s buying what music … wherever that music ends up on the net. It appears that their DRM music is the same. […]