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Animaris Rhinoceros Transport

Theo Jansen is a kinetic sculptor. Animaris Rhinoceros Transport is a sculpture powered entirely by wind: See another vid. And from TED.

mike lenczner with udell

From Jon Udell”s Interviews with Innovators: Community Wireless: Michael Lenczner is one of the founders of Île Sans Fil, Montreal’s community wireless network which comprises over 150 hotspots and serves almost 60,000 registered users. By any standards the project is a huge success. Yet Michael is an unusually thoughtful technologists who asks himself hard questions […]

One Nation Under Google

Well worth checking out. One Nation Under Google: Citizenship in the Technological Republic A public talk by Professor Darin Barney Canada Research Chair in Technology & Citizenship, McGill University. Friday, March 14, 2008 Arts W-215, 853 Sherbrooke Street West, McGill University 18h30, free Does more technology equal more freedom? While the nuts and bolts of […]

Open – Code: NY Times blog (!)

Open – All the code that’s fit to printf() is: A blog about open source technology at The New York Times, written by and primarily for developers. This includes our own projects, our work with open-source technologies at, and other interesting topics in the open source and Web 2.0 worlds. That’s pretty neat. The […]

nervous system & electronic media

Norman Doidge (channeling McLuhan): Electronic media are so effective at altering the nervous system because they both work in similar ways and are basically compatible and thus easily linked. Both involve instantaneous transmission of electronic signals to make linkages. Because our nervous system is plastic, it can take advantage of this compatibility and merge with […]

when everyone knows everything

Instant info everywhere kills the secret, out-of-the-way gem: As GPS transceivers become common accessories in cars, the benefits have been manifold. Millions of us have been relieved of the nuisance of getting lost or, even worse, the shame of having to ask a passerby for directions. But, as with all popular technologies, those dashboard maps […]

social media for inanimate objects

From Infovore: I’ve written before about how wonderful Twitter can be as a messaging bus for physical objects. The idea of overhearing machines talking about what they’re doing is, to my mind, quite delightful. So when I found an untapped data source for such an object, I thought it was worth having a poke. Half […]

the green laptop, ploughs & drugs

By designing for the poorest people in the world, the One Laptop Per Child has developed a green machine with no peers. Radically lower power consumption, much less toxic crap. Here’s Mary-Lou Jepsen talking about it: I had a conversation last night with my neighbour, who tells me that 80% of food production in the […]

punk’s not dead

A Rails conference, in Toronto, says: RubyFringe is an avant-garde conference for developers that are excited about emerging technologies outside of the Ruby on Rails monoculture. We’re sick of the sold-out and over-sold labradoodle shows that are now staged with alarming frequency. In response, we’re mounting a unique and eccentric gathering of the people and […]

attention defecit machines

From New Scientist: A bunch of sources are reporting on a University College London study into how people born after the arrival of the internet – sometimes dubbed the Google generation – handle information. The top line is, they’re not very good at it. Although skilled at quickly searching for information they are bad at […]