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I just made the switch to NeoOffice, the Mac version of OpenOffice, which is free software versions of Microsoft Office products (word, excel, powerpoint). I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. When I first tried to get OpenOffice running on my mac, it required the dreaded “terminal” … and was beyond my minimal geekdom. […]

scaling ruby on rails

I’ve had a few conversations lately with people about Ruby on Rails as a development framework. My understanding (as a non-programmer): “it’s a fantastic and flexible way to build a new webapp, but scaling might be an issue.” The Rails fans I know say, nonsense. Well, Twitter is apparently the busiest Rails site on the […]

Canada & Mobile Data Access

This is a very scary thing. Canada’s mobile data rates are anywhere from 4 to 39 TIMES more expensive than elsewhere in the world. What? What? If you don’t live in Canada but you or your small business depends on mobile connectivity or net neutrality in general, don’t come here. Here’s a nice little graph […]

digital media sucks

Maurizio has a great post about the dismal quality of mp3/ACC audio, and the parallels in crappy video. Actually the problem – for audio at least – is far worse than just the final format: Dynamic range, warmth and depth have all but disappeared it seems in today’s music recordings. Music is compressed in recording, […]

Mtl Tech Entrepeneur Breakfast #3

Tues, April 10 @ 9am, at Bistro Etc.: Bistro Etc. 1291 Avenue Mont-Royal Est Montreal, QC H2J 1Y4 (514) 525-1895 Map Details chez Ben. And hey, let’s see some more women at the event. It’s casual and relaxed.

Democamp – Round-Up

I presented collectik last week at Montreal’s second Democamp. It was much bigger than I thought i would be – and there were more suity-looking folk than I expected. I guess there were about 100 people in the crowd to watch 5 of us present our projects. I showed off Collectik, and the other presentations […]

collectik @ democamp

I presented Collectik at Democamp Montreal#2 … a great evening and I got some really great response and feedback. Josh, at Yashlabs, has an excellent review of the event, including some vids. I’ll be posting more on this soonish, I hope. Austin hosted a great post-event cocktail party at his pad for presenters and an […]

redirect/.htaccess kungfu

Thanks to Evan for the .htaccess/redirect kungfu code. Thanks to Boris for the .htaccess/redirect kungfu implementation. Now if you follow a google link to the old dose, say: You should get redirected to the equivalent page on … google & other search-engines, apparently, will follow the links too. Now I will see if […]

GrandPerspective – see your memory

Great little ap for mac users who have huge hard drives that are … full all of a sudden. Where are are those big files? What are they? How can I find the stuff I want to dump? Try GrandPerspective (only for OSX I think). It scans your hard disk and gives you a graphical […]

DemoCamp Montreal! #2

Oops I forgot to mention, I am presenting Collectik at DemoCamp Montreal on Thursday. DemoCamp is a free (un)conference, where local tech folk present their alpha, beta, or operational software, to local interested tech folk (other developers, angels etc). I’m on the bill with 4 others I think. Deets: Where : Society for Arts and […]