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Atwater Library Looking for a Techie

The Atwater Library, where I serve on the Board of Directors, is looking for a techie. The pay is not great, but the atmosphere is interesting. Here is the rough job outline (for details see here): Job Description The Computer Centre Manager’s primary job is: * to maintain a small network of 30 workstations, two […]

Will I get more things done?

If you start to notice me being hyper-productive, it might be because I have started using a neat little productivity/management software, iGTD: The software uses the Get Things Done productivity methodology, which apparently will solve all my constant procrastination problems and turn me into a man of unlimited energy and robot-like (almost frightening) efficiency, while […]

pageoftext and recaptcha

Two great little aps: Page of Text Nice simple little aps are such a pleasure. Page of Text is a brilliant little wiki environment – so easy and clean. I’m not quite sure what it’s good for, but if you want a page of text on the net, without having to host anything or do […]

wi-fi & rfid!

Wireless tracking systems could be used to protect patients in hospitals and students on campuses, backers of the technology said. [more…] It’s also good for tracking the movements of political agitators, enemies of the state, socialists, copyright infringers, vegans, software pirates, environmentalists, and other pariahs and undesirables.

but… but… is it useful?

[comic by Joshua Porter, found by Patrick].

start-up sociopaths

Says Evan: Most technology startups I’ve been in have been run by charismatic sociopaths with no actual management or technology experience. They make wild, ignorant, unfounded promises to both employees and potential customers, then get increasingly anxious and unpleasant as their unsupportable predictions of schedule and market share don’t come through. [more…] Ha!

how does google know?

A long while back I posted (on th old blog, dose) about how, by default, when you are logged into a google account (say gmail), google tracks your searches (ostensibly to serve you “better” search results) … and allows you to review your “search history.” You can un-default that, but it’s pretty creepy whatever way […]

intel vs $100 Laptop

Both Intel and Professor Negroponte’s not for profit organisation, One Laptop per Child (OLPC), have developed a low cost, robust laptop aimed specifically at school children in the developing world. Classmate PC Intel’s Classmate PC runs Microsoft Windows and Linux There are various differences in both the hardware and software, but Professor Negroponte believes the […]

times they are a-changin’

Interpretation of the data is to be discussed, but the data itself is … astounding: from Maurizio.

jon udell’s LibriVox script

I did a podcast interview with Jon Udell about LibriVox, for ITConversations (I’ll let you know when it’s available). Was a great talk, and part of our discussions were about the still-significant barriers to accessing good audio on the net. There is great stuff out there, but for many not-so-net-savvy people there exist many problems […]