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Category: science

attention defecit machines

From New Scientist: A bunch of sources are reporting on a University College London study into how people born after the arrival of the internet – sometimes dubbed the Google generation – handle information. The top line is, they’re not very good at it. Although skilled at quickly searching for information they are bad at […]

oooh, science vids!

Sweet. From New Scientist magazine and Honeywell … comes some fantastic vids of Nobel laureates describing all sorts of yummy scientific stuffs, eg: John C. Mather describing the Big Bang; U of T’s John Polanyi talking about freedom, creativity and science ; and Richard Schrock talking Green Chemistry. Good for you New Scientist, and good […]

biomimetics & energy

The Inevitable Renaissance of Minimum Energy Structures. A Beukers & E V Hinte: There is a duality between engineering and nature which is based on minimum use of energy. This is because animals and plants, in order to survive in competition with each other, have evolved ways of living and reproducing using the least amount […]