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RIAA suing for personal copies

Question: Do you want it to be legal for you to copy your cd into mp3 format, and put it on your ipod? Or should that result in fines, jail time, beheadding? If you do wish to copy CDs to mp3 to stick em on your computer/player then tell your government that you will be […]

FBI’s new biometric database

From Boing: The Washington Post reports today that the FBI is launching a $1 billion project to build the world’s largest database of individuals’ physical characteristics. The effort would give the American government unprecedented abilities to ID people here and overseas. [more …]

alive in baghdad staffer killed

from BaghdadBrian in the twittersphere: Alive in Baghdad correspondent Ali Shafeya was killed on December 14th, details are still coming in. He was 24, survived by mom and sister. and: but is that worth even one human’s life? We are still not 100% sure its not the assignment we gave that killed him. and: We’ve […]

climate disaster

Jesus these Conservatives are a little over the top on their performance at the Climate talks in Bali, no? Canada hosted an event called “Turning the Corner on Climate Change” apparently about Canada’s climate plan, with Environment Minister John Baird speaking. Instead, a number of Canadian companies spoke about their products. Baird apparently poked his […]

copyright bill dead or alive?

Michael Geist reports that the Canadian copytright bill is expected to rise from the dead: There are rumours in Ottawa this evening that Industry Minister Jim Prentice has decided to forge ahead with the Canadian DMCA with the bill to be introduced tomorrow morning. I have two model letters that you could send (along with […]

another canadian copyright letter template

Boing Boing reports that Industry Minister Jim Prentice is having an open house about copyright tomorrow (Saturday). If you are in calgary, head on over, if you are not in Calgary, then why not send an email that says this: Dear Minister Prentice: I don’t like your copyright legislation. You are making a big mistake. […]

how much to know you’re poor?

Tracey posted this over at …: There is an excellent article in the Toronto Star about why we have little understanding about the social demographic situation in Canada! Bref! No one can afford the research! In the article Truth carries a painful user fee; Carol Goar tells it like it is right now in […]

copyright bill: letter to prentice

Sent, via email (letter is better, but what can you do?), to a number of people, including Jim Prentice, the Minister of Industry, responsible for the Copyright Act in Canada, and my MP – Thomas Mulcair NDP – Outremont. Please feel free to use, adapt, copy etc this letter and do with it what you […]

Canadian copyright legislation

Check out the comment section of CBC’s Search Engine show on the Feds’ expected copyright proposal. and the geo-restricted web

Michael Geist writes a worrying article about how the web is starting to look more and more like cable. Until recently, the Internet was precisely the opposite [of cable], offering unlimited user choice, continuous interactivity, and technological capabilities to copy and remix content. That is gradually changing as broadcasters seek to re-assert greater geographic control […]