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the flowers of afghan democracy?

Wired reports: A 23-year-old student journalist in Afghanistan has been sentenced to death for downloading and distributing a report that is critical of the oppressive treatment of women in some Islamic societies. Sayed Pervez Kambaksh (at right), who is a journalism student at Balkh University and a writer for Jahan-e Naw, was sentenced last October […]


So, what I don’t get is this: if you think waterboarding should be legal, then say so. If you think it should not be legal say so. But this non-answer stuff, I find objectionable. Here, on DemocracyNow!, is US Attorney General Michael Mukasey paddling around and around in circles, at the Senate Judiciary Committee: > […]

canadian = black

When I worked in New York in a financial brokerage house in 2000-2001, my colleagues (I think it was Manus, a short funny Italian from New Jersey; and Bill, my office-mate, from Texas; and probably a few others) told me that in the banking/finance business – at least their end of it – “Canadian” was […]

multipolar globe

Parag Khannan has a compelling piece in New York Times Magazine about the passing of America’s sole superpower moment, and the new multipolar order, with China and the US vying for a share of the global pie, with EU playing both off against each other in the middle, and cashing the checks: Robert Kagan famously […]


Heh. [via Patrick]

obama sundae?

It’s funny, I was thinking more or less this, sorta subconsciously when I heard that great speech. It was under the surface, but it was there: am I now the only person left on the planet who finds Barack Obama a little bit dull? Every time I listen to him, I start off thinking I’m […]

Ron Paul

I doubt if I’d like most of Ron Paul’s fiscal policies, but he sure as hell talks a good line. Check out his response when a very smarmy-looking debate moderator asks him about his: “electability … do you have any, sir?” (which spurred laughter from his opponents). In the video he gets a huge cheer […]

blogger & podcaster wins iowa nomination

Blogger & podcaster BarakBarack Obama wins the democratic caucus nomination in Iowa, with 38% of the vote, beating out #2 John Edwards (30%), and #3 (!) Hillary Clinton (29%). Video of his victory speech. Text of his speech. Meanwhile, Chuck Norris fan, and creationist (from a non-pastafarian sect), Mike Huckabee took the Republican nomination with […]

50 most loathsome people of 2007

This was good, even if I didn’t recognize 50% of the people. As Patrick notes, the best of the most loathsome was … us: 9. You Charges: You believe in freedom of speech, until someone says something that offends you. You suddenly give a damn about border integrity, because the automated voice system at your […]

value defined by what you can’t do

I’m batting around this idea, maybe you can help articulate it better. Here’s the basic idea: The (monetary) value of something is defined by what you can’t do with it; not by what you can do with it. I’m thinking of this particularly wrt to digital media, and the music biz. The “value” of LP […]