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Outlook Bleak for China & the Rest of Us

One part of the recent economic picture has been the too-cheap credit that has kept us all feeling really rich for the past decade. In the most famous story about this problem, cheap credit meant many people bought houses they couldn’t afford, and we all know what happened there. When the bad mortgage market collapsed […]

World Breathes Sigh of Relief

I’ve been imagining this headline for a few years now.

Conservatives Mad at Bush (Finally)

I’m no conservative, but I’ve long said that the people who should be most angry with Bush & Co. (or, better, who are most responsible for Bush & Co.) are the real conservatives in America. They have allowed this president, his administration, and the people behind him to undermine true conservatism in the name of […]

Public, Counterpublic and the Web

I’m doing a Master’s in Concordia Media Studies program, or at least part of a Master’s (taking just one class at the moment). Below is a paper I just wrote for the Media Theory class I am taking (with Charles Acland). After doing much writing in the past years – blogging, novel writing, article-making, it […]

Greenspan the Great

How did we end up in this mess of an economic meltdown? The answer is pretty simple: too much cheap credit, and no regulation of derivatives. Probably more than any other individual, Alan Greenspan is to blame for both. He was Clinton’s and then Bush’s wizzard Fed Reserve Chairman, who waved the wand of reduced […]

No, You Can’t Be a Doctor Here

I wrote my political platform the other day, with Health being one of my ten planks. One of the problems with Health is that it’s in provincial jurisdiction, so my federal platform would have difficulty really affecting health here in Quebec. This province has the lowest rate of citizen access to family doctors, which you […]

Vote for Me on Tuesday

Here is my platform that I undertake to implement as Prime Minister of Canada. Please vote for me on Tuesday. Broadly, I will: Make Canada a recognized global leader in communications technology, and energy technology Increase regulation of financial markets Address climate change Strongly articulate the Canadian Vision to the world, one that focuses on […]

Personal Thoughts on the Market

In 2000-2001, I worked in New York for an interdealer broker (a financial broker to banks and other big institutions) Prebon Yamane, now Tullett Prebon, setting up their Environmental Products division. I worked with a few former investment bankers, putting together structured financial instruments to help big energy companies hedge against the multi-million/billion dollar risk […]

Washington Mutual Goes Down

From the NYTimes: Washington Mutual, the giant lender that came to symbolize the excesses of the mortgage boom, was seized by federal regulators on Thursday night, in what is by far the largest bank failure in American history. [more…]

does your candidate believe in open?

Jennifer Bell, of has launched a new site, ibelieveinopen, asking candidates to take a pledge for openness: I believe candidates should: Support reforms that increase government transparency and accountability. Make campaign promises specific and measurable, and report progress on promises and their metrics at least semi-annually. Publish the content of his or her daily […]