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climate, blogging, la presse

A while back (on the old dose), I wrote some climate change posts, that attracted the attention of a couple of commenters, who I suspected of being flacks. We had a detailed exchange. My theory for which I have zero proof, is that some people are paid to go around making climate-skeptic comments on blogs. […]

conservative vs progressive, and openness

I’ve been thinking lately about evolution and politics. All this comes out of a revelation I had in the early days of LibriVox, that as an open project, the whole thing – the system – evolved like an organism, getting more complex in response to environmental challenges. More readers, more books, more languages, more projects […]

language, quebec and the web

I was at the Montreal web entreprenneurs breakfast, and was talking with Robin, Alex Eberts, Sylvain, and a couple of others about language, the web, Montreal, and politics. It’s funny, though I am an Anglo born and bred, a Westmounter if you can believe it, it’s been a long time since I’ve been a typical […]

geist & canada on net neutraliy

Michael Geist has a nice long bit on Canada’s take on Net Neutraity, and here he summarizes the Conservative position: We think blocking or prioritizing content may be acceptable, we recognize it is inconsistent with the recommendations of the Telecommunications Policy Review Panel, and we don’t care because we plan to the leave the issue […]

parc is parc

from patrick, chalk one up for the good guys. UPDATE: says mayor tremblay on the radio this morning: “I have learned that the opinion of citizens is important.” glad to know such important lessons are in the process of being absorbed by our leading politicians.

net neutrality panel, ottawa tonight

Net Neutrality: A Public Discussion on the Future of the Internet in Canada Date and Location: Tues, February 6, 2007 , 7 pm Admission: Free Ottawa Public Library Auditorium 120 Metcalfe St. Moderated by: Pippa Lawson: Executive Director, Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) at the University of Ottawa Panelists: * Michael Geist: […]

climate reality check

We seem to have reached a tipping point in public and policy opinion on climate change, which is something of a relief, but also very scary. Up until even the last few weeks, I felt that my tiny contribution to the debate was through occasional posts here, addressing some of the science as we know […] (again)

So it’s registered and up and running: VisiblePolitics is a project to create a complete listing of Canadian federal politicians, parties and ridings, with information about policies, funding, voting records, public statements, press, among other things. VisiblePolitics is a source of information; it is NOT a source of, or forum for advocacy of any […]

climate (& iraq?)

According to a recent Globe & Mail poll, suddenly, strangely, climate change has become the most important issue for the majority of Canadians (climate change topped the list for 26% of Canadians, followed by health & security). A curious and surprising event, perhaps an interesting result of the democratic system. When the Liberals (as a […]

wente & murphy getting hot?

Splitting my previous climate post into 3 (since it was 3 separate ideas): Interesting shift in the Globe and Mail this weekend. Rex Murphy is the Globe’s shrillest climate alarmist-alarmist (he worries endlessly about the climate change propogandists and doomsdayers that run the National Academies of Sciences in all the biggest countries and economies of […]