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times they are a-changin’

Interpretation of the data is to be discussed, but the data itself is … astounding: from Maurizio.

the department of memory inquiry

Here’s Gonzales answering honestly: White House spokesperson’s reaction: Bush’s reaction: and here is a wonderful Kubrickian remix of Gonzales’ chief of Staff, Kyle Sampson’s difficulties as well: Memory Gap.

running for office: my platform

I must say all the tizzy about the last Quebec election passed me by, and I wasn’t interested in the least – though I was surprised by the result. I expected a PQ or Lib majority, with ADQ also-ran as usual. But things are up in the air now. Still, I think Charest has proved […]

iaccoca & bush

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if Bush is going to be stopped from making a bigger mess (he has proved amply that he will make a bigger mess) … then he will have to be stopped by Republicans, not Democrats. Here’s what Lee Iaccoca, former Chrysler CEO, Bush supporter in 2000, […]

BookReview: America at the Crossroads

America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy product Book by Francis Fukayama It’s a relief to read at least one (semi) mea culpa from a leading cheerleader for the policies that lead to War in Iraq, and the catastrophe that has been the Bush presidency. Francis Fukayama is the famous writer of […]

BookReview: Wealth of Networks

The Wealth of Networks product Book by Yochai Benkler A comprehensive and exhaustive book about the open movement (free software, wikipedia, blogging, flickr, creative commons, crowdsourcing etc) of which LibriVox is an enthusiastic member. Not for the faint-hearted, this book is dense, big and academic in approach, but refreshingly rigourous, with significant attention paid to […]

quebec elections

Interesting outcome in the Quebec election. The woeful centre/right liberals get a minority government, and the big news: the fresh-faced righties ADQ get official opposition, while the PQ gets a lickin. Patrick asks: who’s afraid of the ADQ (and why?). We’ll see what happens. I don’t know what to think. I’ll have lots to complain […]

the problem with iraq

Bush & Co. have made a hash of Iraq, that’s not news. It’s been called the greatest strategic blunder in American history – time will tell. Whatever your moral feelings about Iraq, I don’t think there are many people left who claim it’s been a successful campaign. That’s why I’m uncomfortable with the Dem’s move […]

presidential elections 2.0

Barak O got flickr, but Johnny Edwards got twitter. Hillary C got youtubed (ouch). Meanwhile, none of the top dogs in the Bush administration uses email anymore.

climate: point-counterpoint

With my renewed attention to the climate debate, I’ve been noticing a number of rhetorical tactics in the debate on the Other Side. Here are three of my favourites, offered as point-context-counterpoint: 1. The Political Scientists Point: “Scientists like David Suzuki are political propagandists” … or: “Al Gore, who is a politician and not a […]