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police provocateurs

I’ve got a lot of activist friends who tell me that when peaceful protests get violent, it’s usually undercover cops *pretending* to be protesters who start throwing the rocks at the cops – which gives the cops just the excuse to come in with batons and break up the protest with teargas and violence and […]

new industry minister & digitalia

Michael Geist is optimistic: Jim Prentice, Canada’s new Industry Minister, has been on the job for less than a week, yet his appointment has already sent a buzz through the business community. With a member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s inner circle now at the helm, promoting Canada’s global economic competitiveness promises to become a […]

subprimes, hedge funds, economic woes

If you want to figure out what is all the fuss about subprime mortgages and the economic turmoil they seem to be inflicting, BBC’s Robert Preston has a good extensive summary. Here’s the bottom line: for the past few years, Wall Street has operated a giant machine for turning mind-boggling amounts of US home loans […]

cheney on iraq

zeke on the tube

Zeke talking about his troubles, and put in a larger context. (via Michael Geist, and produced ?transferred from the idiottube to ourtube by

financial house in trouble

From the Pessimism file: I’ve always been skeptical of hedge funds and sophisticated derivative products. In theory these financial instruments protect against risk, by playing potential movement of the market in one direction, off of movement in another. It’s high-powered math stuff, and it’s made many many people truckloads, billions of dollars. But I don’t […]

blogs and presidential politics

KOS hosts a yearly convention for progressive political bloggers. This year most of the Democratic presidential candidiates attended. If you are sick of the crap that passes for debate in mainstream media, have a look at where all the biggies in the Dem field stand on the issues, courtesy of the KOS event, and PoliticsTV: […]

teamakers for CBC prez

I’m a public radio addict, and I theoretically love CBC Radio, except that most of it is total shit. Some of it is fantastic. (By the way, this is why I started, so that instead of listening to crappy radio punctuated with the occasional great show, I could listen to the stuff I want […]

violating copyright: 2010

I first heard about Canada’s new Bill C-47 when I was printing off my artwork for this year’s graduation exhibition at the Emily Carr Institute. My artwork, the Transit Shelter Project, focuses on the current debates around the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and homelessness. As my artwork ran off the printer, the technician asked, “You know […]

the anti-neutrality site

For those of you who think Net Neutrality is an important issue … here is the antidote: Hands off the Internet, which is: … a nationwide coalition of Internet users, manufacturers and network operators united in the belief that the Net’s phenomenal growth over the past decade will continue if government does not attempt an […]