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My Platform for the Canadian Federal Election

The other day, I listed & evaluated the clarity of federal party platforms, as they appear on their platform pages on their websites. I promised my own platform/priorities. Before I do that though, I think it’ worth making a comment: Every party now is more or less committed to fiscal conservatism[ref]Testing simple footnotes.[/ref] — ie […]

Canadian Federal Elections: Their Platforms

The federal election is about a week away, and I have no idea what any of the federal parties stand for. The media has done a terrible job; the politicians have done a terrible job. For you: A brief outline of all the parties’ platforms So, Web guy that I am I went to the […]

You Can’t Shut WikiLeaks Without Shutting Democracy

My mother just asked what i thought about WikiLeaks … and finally I had an answer (my gut reaction from the beginning has been to support WikiLeaks, but i haven’t articulated that support till now): 1. There is nothing you can do about it. The internet is designed to support anonymous dumping of masses of […]

Good Links – Weekly (July 10)

The Great Montreal Link Exchange continues (sorry this is late): Every week Mitch (w / t) picks a link for me and a link for Alistair (w / t). Alistair and I do the same. Losing Our Cool”: The high price of staying cool. Alistair for Hugh: Since Montreal’s in the middle of a heat […]

MPs: Please Get Back to Work

I haven’t been writing much bloggy stuff lately, certainly not political rants. And true enough I don’t know much about the history/implications of suspending parliament by prorogue (can anyone point to a good recent source that explains Harper’s action in a historical context? Is it usual? Unusual? – I’d never heard the word before last […]

Canadian Health Care

I have not been paying much attention to the US health care debates, but I gather those opposed to Obama’s health plan have been portraying Canada as some kind of healthcare disaster. “We don’t want to be like Canada,” they say, “where the government has ruined healthcare.” My wife Christine is an emergency doctor, so […]

Copyright Consultations – Hurry!

There are five days left in the federal government’s copyright consultations. Go make your voices heard! For more info, see Michael Geist’s info page: Speak Out on Copyright.

Canadian Copyright Consultations

The Government of Canada is holding copyright consultations, which you can answer by sending an email to the this address [info AT copyrightconsultation DOT gc DOT ca] which answers the following questions: 1. How do Canada’s copyright laws affect you? How should existing laws be modernized? 2. Based on Canadian values and interests, how should […]

Beers for Canada: Fundraiser

For the price of a beer (or a pitcher, or a round), you can support … the non-profit that promotes online tools for government transparency, openness and accessibility around government and civic data (yay!). They’ve got a little fundraiser going, in celebration of Canada Day: Beers for Canada … How we’ll spend your money […]

Those Darned Kids

Kids boycott classroom with CCTV cameras. People call them brats. Kids respond with an op-ed that every adult should read. Many users suggested that cameras were a good idea because they could be used to keep an eye on bullying and student behaviour, we were accused of been “narcissistic megalomaniacs” angry at “being nabbed for […]