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radio open source needs help

Radio Open Source is one of my favourite shows available by podcast. They talk about anything, in depth, ranging from arts to politics, boxing, and countless other wonderful subjects. They are in some financial trouble, and need your help.

interview with jon udell on LibriVox

I’ve always been a big fan of Jon Udell’s stuff – he writes not just about tech things that interest me, but he’s also got a great sense that web technology ought to be good for society as well. Jon was one of the first “famous” people I contacted when I started LibriVox, and he’s […]

jon udell’s LibriVox script

I did a podcast interview with Jon Udell about LibriVox, for ITConversations (I’ll let you know when it’s available). Was a great talk, and part of our discussions were about the still-significant barriers to accessing good audio on the net. There is great stuff out there, but for many not-so-net-savvy people there exist many problems […]

advice for podcasters (& bloggers)

I have been touring the net of late looking at podcast sites, and I have a few suggestions (some of this is relevant for bloggers too). I’m not talking about what you do in audio, but what your site looks like. Chances are I’ll come to your site before I hear your stuff, so what […]

OK, I’m Twittering

Dammit. I don’t even have a phone. I can’t get it into my sidebar for some reason. But, in any case, here I am: God help me now. (PS thank you Mitch; and can I make a suggestion for a killer business?: digital rehab centres, to cure people of addiction to digital information). (PPS: […]

a couple of links

First, Ira Glass, the force behind This American Life, is, to me, something like a proto podcaster. That NPR radio show is just what I imagined podcasting would become, a collection of the stories of the world told in the voices of real people. And that was before I had ever heard This American Life […]

Montreal Entrepreneur Challenge

Sylvain has launched the Montreal Tech Entrepreneur $100 Challenge. He’s calling on Montreall tech entrepreneurs to donate $100 to the Atwater Digital Literacy Project (name change coming, I think): The Atwater Digital Literacy Project, a project of the Atwater Library, gets kids and community groups using creative web technologies (blogging, audio, video, digital photos) to […]

people from podcamptoronto

I was at podcamp in Toronto last weekend (check out the archive of videos of the presentations), and ran into a number of people doing great things. From the start I was excited by podcasting not because of the obvious things it would do, but the things that aren’t so obvious. The obvious thing is […]

podcamp toronto was great …

…fantastic organization, kudos to the putters-togetherers, and I’ll point out some cool projects shortly. But please, please, please make this phrase disappear. (PS, thanks for the ride home Bob). UPDATE: you can see vids of the event, including some footage of me, here.