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Category: podcasting launches

After a whole lot of work, the Collectik Team is very happy to announce the official (soft) launch, of the Canadian Cultural Podcast Directory, a project of the National Arts Centre, and (a site run by the Department of Canadian Heritage) … coding, design and implementation by Collectik. Here is the about: Welcome to […]

on the radio

i participated a while ago on Michel Dumais’ Citoyen Numerique. you have to listen through the little player, it’s: 2007 10 11 01citoyennumnerique-ballado 2007 10 11 02citoyennumnerique-ballado 2007 10 11 03citoyennumnerique-ballado the main librivox part is 03, at minute: 15:15ish. the rest is about podcasting, podcasting in quebec, digital music downloads etc … i make […]

podcamp boston

Sort of a strange podcamp boston. I wasn’t crazy about many of the sessions, too much focus on marketing etc (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just not my bag; marketing is important, but I’d like to see more people talking about exciting things they are doing with podcasting & new media); I gave […]

teen podcasting

I’m watching a session at Podcamp Boston on teen podcasting, by kabren levinson of (started when he was 15, 2 years ago)… the intro was pretty interesting, about Kabren’s experience of NOT getting his session accepted in the original schedule (read his blog post here and the follow-up here… Podcamp, being run by good […]

funny old post

for various reasons, I just landed on this page by Will Johnston, from August 17, 2004. thoughts on the ipod: This brings up a topic for discussion that I’ve been contemplating lately. What is the ‘hype’ with the iPOD about. Some say it’s the design, some say the memory capacity and others say it’s the […]

CBC podcasts have ads

Whoa. CBC podcasts have advertisement bumpers. Our public broadcaster is selling cars with our podcasts. What do you think of that? And not a peep on Inside the CBC. Nothing on Teamakers. Nothing on (of course). For instance, on Between the Covers [mp3]. Wondering what to think of it.

podcasting in quebec

La Presse has an article on the state of podcasting in Quebec, concluding, basically, it’s not too good. The focus is on Radio Canada’s offerings (called baladodifusions in Quebecois), and this sort of shocked me: la version podcast de Christiane Charette, une des émissions-phares de la Première Chaîne, est laissée à l’abandon. Personne ne l’a […]

nora’s spark #2

The fabulous Nora Young has just launched a new podcast (that also happens to be a CBC Radio* show), called Spark. Covering technology, art, society, it also aims to get more interactive feedback from the net. Comments, participation, stories and the like. As with all of Nora’s radio work, it’s good good stuff. The next […]

hatto the beautiful hoax

The New Yorker has a fascinating story, about the “discovery” of a 75 year old virtuoso, genius pianist, Joyce Hatto, that turns out to be a hoax. What’s so interesting – to me anyway – is how the internet – and brilliant grassroots marketing, fraudulent tho it was – created the myth bought by many […]

how data (or, podcasting) will save the world

This presentation is not actually about podcasting, it’s about data…but it was presented at podcastersacrossborders, and LibriVox is the inspiration for these thoughts.