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back from California

Christine & I had a great trip: More pics here.

academia, grammar, and getting things done

I’ve had a few verbal (written or out loud) jousting matches with a number of academicy people of late. Curiously, all the debates were with women doing interesting things, mostly with an academic background: data liberationist, and GeoGal Tracey and I had a discussion about theory and practice as it relates to rethinking how politics […]

no-stumbling 10-point pledge

I posted my 10-point no-jargon pledge a while ago, regarding things I promised never to write. After watching some of the vids of me at Podcamp Toronto, I’m going to make a 10-point speaking promise. I can’t promise to erase these verbal ticks the way I can with text, but I promise to try to […]

one mouse down

i heard the poor bastard rattling around in the trap at around 6am…but I fell back asleep. woke up at 6:45. more rattling. ugh. so I came down to finish the poor guy off. but either we feed our mice well or the poor guy was a poor gal, and preggers to boot. so if […]

ben’s is no more

Ben’s the once-great Montreal smoked meat resto, is no more. I took some photos there late one night a couple of years ago. See the rest here.

no-jargon 10-point pledge

Jargony text & talk drives me crazy. I wrote previously pleading with you, dear readers, never to use the word “utilize” when all you mean is “use.” This stuff infects the pages and html of techies, marketing people and academics, and unsuspecting citizens as well. It’s contagious and dangerous. I am going to do my […]

language, quebec and the web

I was at the Montreal web entreprenneurs breakfast, and was talking with Robin, Alex Eberts, Sylvain, and a couple of others about language, the web, Montreal, and politics. It’s funny, though I am an Anglo born and bred, a Westmounter if you can believe it, it’s been a long time since I’ve been a typical […]


we have mice. they have started to make squeaky noises. when it was the odd rustle in far the pantry, or the much less common skitter across the floor, it was OK. but when they start sqeaking in the walls, that’s really too much.

setting up shop

This is the new & improved (?) dose. I am fiddling, tweaking, playing and trying to get it all to work properly. Comments welcome.

quelques recontres

J’ai l’intention de participer à ces evenments: WikiWednesday (aujourd’hui, 16h30) Yulblog (aujourd’hui, 20h00) petit déjeuner des entrepreneurs web Montrealais (le 13 fev) podcamp toronto (le 24-25 fev) democamp montreal #1 (le 27 fev) democamp montreal #2 (le 29 mars) barcamp montreal #2 (april 28)