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canadian = black

When I worked in New York in a financial brokerage house in 2000-2001, my colleagues (I think it was Manus, a short funny Italian from New Jersey; and Bill, my office-mate, from Texas; and probably a few others) told me that in the banking/finance business – at least their end of it – “Canadian” was […]

test the nation & gay people of colour

So I was on the silly quiz show, Test the Nation, on CBC, as a member of the blogger team (the questions were on 21st C trivia, with a focus on tech, gossip and news … guess which team won?). It was nice to meet some new cyber scribes from around the country, and I […]

Test the Nation

I will be on CBC TV tonight (Sunday, Jan 20, 8pm) on Test the Nation if anyone wishes to watch. I’m on the blogger team.

Little Maghreb

This shocked me: Nearly half of Montreal’s 63,000 immigrants [from] Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia arrived here after 2001 and they’re quickly making their presence felt. What a change in seven years! I haven’t noticed, though the guy who installed my Videotron modem was from morocco and we had a good chat about life back there, […]


1. i will prioritize 2. i will focus 3. i will complete

social web fatigue, and doing what’s important

I’m suffering a bit from social media fatigue, like everyone I guess. All this stuff – twittering, and building your audience, and debates about whether facebook is good or bad, and linkbaiting and SEO and new tools and old tools, widgets and do-dads: just making my head hurt. All of us, and all of you […]

alive in baghdad staffer killed

from BaghdadBrian in the twittersphere: Alive in Baghdad correspondent Ali Shafeya was killed on December 14th, details are still coming in. He was 24, survived by mom and sister. and: but is that worth even one human’s life? We are still not 100% sure its not the assignment we gave that killed him. and: We’ve […]

on not getting things done

So a while back I started using iGTD, mac software to implement the Get Things Done project management methodology. I reported on the software and the method a few times, with this “final” assessment. Well, time has gone by and the famous black clouds of GTD guilt (as Maurizio calls them) started gathering slowly, then […]

airport security

Security Guard: What is in this tube? Me: Prescription skin cream. SG: What is it for? Me: ? SG: What is it for? Me: … Um… a skin condition. SG: Did a doctor prescribe this? Me: Yes. SG: Do you have a note from the doctor? Me: The prescription label is on the tube. Right […]

blog commenters

The people who comment here tend to be thoughtful and interesting even if I don’t agree with them, so whenever I see discussions about commenters on blogs acting like tools, I think, oh well, don’t seem to have that problem here. Then every once in a while I post something that seems to attract attention […]