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how data (or, podcasting) will save the world

This presentation is not actually about podcasting, it’s about data…but it was presented at podcastersacrossborders, and LibriVox is the inspiration for these thoughts.

radio open source needs help

Radio Open Source is one of my favourite shows available by podcast. They talk about anything, in depth, ranging from arts to politics, boxing, and countless other wonderful subjects. They are in some financial trouble, and need your help.

rococo & barcamp

screw it, I’ve been humming about this post for a while, so I’m just going to sketch it out here. Barcamp, Boys and Girls I wanted to address Martine’s great talk on women at conferences, and I have a few comments: remember that barcamp is different from other conferences in that no one really gets […]

evan’s new wikiclock

In a brilliant use of wiki technology, evan has launched the wiki clock, which uses the wisdom of the crowd to maintain an up-to-date, anyone-can-edit, clock. I just checked the clock, and the time was wrong. In the old days, I would have just moved along, thinking “what a crappy clock.” But, because it is […]

shaking off the doldrums?

I’m finally getting excited again about web tech. i dipped my toes in this new world in the fall of 2004, when I started reading about free software, discovered wikipedia, figured out I could write stuff on the web. Then came a couple of years of really exciting stuff … LibriVox and collectik being two […]

rococo camp – starts tomorrow

I really dropped the ball helping out Evan and Robin (and the rest of the team) on Rococo Camp … But I will be there! What: Rococo Camp When: Friday May 2007 18th to Sunday the 20th Where: SAT, 1195 St-Laurent, Montréal (Métro St-Laurent) What is it? Well, nominally it’s about wiki, but it’s really […]

Excellent: Open Medicine: A peer-reviewed, independent, open-access journal, Canadian to boot. The mission of Open Medicine is to facilitate the equitable, global dissemination of high-quality health research; to promote international dialogue and collaboration on health issues; to improve clinical practice; and to expand and deepen the understanding of health and health care. I should invite […]


I think I’d better do a post on something other than US generals, so: I got an invite to, which looks to be a very cool project: Free + Database = Freebase It’s about film, sports, politics, music, science and everything else all connected together. Our contributors are collecting data from all over the […]

politics, morality and evolution

I started writing about this ages ago, but have not finished yet… but in a discussion with Michael, the idea came up again, and I wrote a long comment there, which I’ll reproduce here (slightly redacted): *** my theory of morality is this: moral ideas are cultural constructs that sink or swim based on their […]

LibriVox and Laika in Reason Magazine

… LibriVox began in a vibrant section of Montreal called the Plateau, where 32-year-old Hugh McGuire lives with his wife…McGuire hangs out at Laika, a café and bar around the corner from his house that is popular with Montreal techies. At Laika, open source gurus, community WiFi evangelists, and A-list Web designers drink coffee, eat […]