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Public, Counterpublic and the Web

I’m doing a Master’s in Concordia Media Studies program, or at least part of a Master’s (taking just one class at the moment). Below is a paper I just wrote for the Media Theory class I am taking (with Charles Acland). After doing much writing in the past years – blogging, novel writing, article-making, it […]

CRTC’s new media consultation

This looks pretty important: CRTC, Canada’s communications regulator, is doing a consultation on “New Media Broadcasting.” Here is a CBC story on it. Here is the consultation overview doc. Here is the e-consultation site. [via Michael Geist]

green party’s net policies

The Green Party, reports Michael Geist, put out it’s policy document. Have not looked thru it yet, but there’s support for network neutrality: Supporting the free flow of information The Internet has become an essential tool in knowledge storage and the free flow of information between citizens. It is playing a critical role in democratizing […]

aol/hotmail and what you are allowed to read? is a lefty news agreggator, and a non-profit org. They send out newsletters and the like to subscribers. Recently, apparently, AOL and hotmail have stopped delivering truthout emails to hotmail and AOL email users – or have labelled as spam, so the emails are not going thru. Says truthout: While AOL has been […]

More anti-neutrality stuff

More from the Hands off the Internet (funded by these guys):

the anti-neutrality site

For those of you who think Net Neutrality is an important issue … here is the antidote: Hands off the Internet, which is: … a nationwide coalition of Internet users, manufacturers and network operators united in the belief that the Net’s phenomenal growth over the past decade will continue if government does not attempt an […]

geist & canada on net neutraliy

Michael Geist has a nice long bit on Canada’s take on Net Neutraity, and here he summarizes the Conservative position: We think blocking or prioritizing content may be acceptable, we recognize it is inconsistent with the recommendations of the Telecommunications Policy Review Panel, and we don’t care because we plan to the leave the issue […]

net neutrality panel, ottawa tonight

Net Neutrality: A Public Discussion on the Future of the Internet in Canada Date and Location: Tues, February 6, 2007 , 7 pm Admission: Free Ottawa Public Library Auditorium 120 Metcalfe St. Moderated by: Pippa Lawson: Executive Director, Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) at the University of Ottawa Panelists: * Michael Geist: […]

the web is us/ing us

Explains what the hell is going on on the web in a pretty compelling way. If you know all this, its fun to watch. If you don’t know all this, it might be too fast to follow. But entertaining nonetheless.