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LibriVox at SXSW?

Every year there is a big digital/social/web etc conference in austin called south by south west interactive. I have proposed a LibriVox talk, based on the presentation will I did at Podcasters Across Borders (slides and audio + transcript ) I think panel selections get made by votes from interested people like you. so… it’d […]

I’m a HuffPoer

I was asked back in May to do some blogging for the megablog Huffington Post. It’s been a bit of a strange summer, and I haven’t written much of relevance for a wide audience. But today I finally wrote something (see the facebook post below) and thought: oh, that could get sent over. So I […]

poetic spam, spam-poetry

Shoot, when I did my “research” before putting up I didn’t find any sites dedicated to the poetry of spam. Or at least, I didn’t think I did. I just came across … which appears to have been at it since 2003 (!). And now I find AND AND spam poems […]

Poetic Spam

So I just started a new little project, a literary journal called Poetic Spam…deets: Poetic Spam is a literary journal that celebrates the poetry of spam. Submission guidelines: 1. poetic spam submissions must be legitimate spam (email or comment), whose poetic quality glows through its spamminess 2. you may submit spam snippets, rather than the […]

Mirror on Atwater Digital Literacy Project

The Mirror’s got an article on the Atwater Digital Literacy Project, nicely done. Here’s the lede: Give a kid a video camera and they’ll fiddle around with the buttons, but teach a kid how to make movies and they’ll be feverishly posting to YouTube in no time—or at least that’s the idea behind the Atwater […] … lots of good stuff

You should go check out a group project I am involved in, (so it’s a group blog, currently consisting of a group of two, one of them not me). Tons of neat stuff going on in this space internationally, and in Canada. In particular, I just posted about the Istanbul Declaration from the OECD, […]

objectives 2007

A bit late, but here is of objectives for 2007, focusing on the next, say, 5 months. I have been waffling a little, dipping toes into too many things, and I need to focus on some key professional objectives. Here they are: primary objectives: 1. finish novel #2 (draft 1) (august) 2. redesign collectik (august) […]

LibriVox and Laika in Reason Magazine

… LibriVox began in a vibrant section of Montreal called the Plateau, where 32-year-old Hugh McGuire lives with his wife…McGuire hangs out at Laika, a café and bar around the corner from his house that is popular with Montreal techies. At Laika, open source gurus, community WiFi evangelists, and A-list Web designers drink coffee, eat […]

interview with jon udell on LibriVox

I’ve always been a big fan of Jon Udell’s stuff – he writes not just about tech things that interest me, but he’s also got a great sense that web technology ought to be good for society as well. Jon was one of the first “famous” people I contacted when I started LibriVox, and he’s […]

jon udell’s LibriVox script

I did a podcast interview with Jon Udell about LibriVox, for ITConversations (I’ll let you know when it’s available). Was a great talk, and part of our discussions were about the still-significant barriers to accessing good audio on the net. There is great stuff out there, but for many not-so-net-savvy people there exist many problems […]