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datalibre alive again!

After a long hiatus due to a wordpress hack, datalibre is back up and running. I did a full reinstall of wp, a full update of the theme files, and put in most of the customization (I think). So we’re back to agitating for data freedom in Canada, to whit: is a group blog, […]

earideas wednesday picks

from comes the earideas wednesday picks, three great bits of audio from the past week. this week: some wacky quantum science, a good old fashioned podcast with every quirk you might like, and an onion report that made me laugh out loud. [link to: wednesday picks] [link to: earideas]

Earideas Launch

Today’s the day! We’re launching … an audio directory of the best audio on the net. Why is different? * it’s a curated collection – only the very best quality is in there * it’s targeted – the collection slants to public radio, “for thinkin’ folks” * it’s built for people who don’t […]

lessons from collectik, new proj coming

The global Collectik team is getting painfully close to releasing a new web project. Not much left but a couple of little tweaks … very exciting. I’m so happy that all the work we did on Collectik is finally blossoming into something that I really think will help people find great audio on the net. […]

(SpamPoem): I used to believe the stock market

I haven’t been posting much to my project poetic spam, since I found out there are many spam poem sites out there. But I just published one today, which I thought was pretty moving: I used to believe the stock market would make me rich. All I needed to do was pick the right stock […] launches

After a whole lot of work, the Collectik Team is very happy to announce the official (soft) launch, of the Canadian Cultural Podcast Directory, a project of the National Arts Centre, and (a site run by the Department of Canadian Heritage) … coding, design and implementation by Collectik. Here is the about: Welcome to […]

last rejection: anansi

Dear Mr. McGuire, Thank you for your submission to House of Anansi Press. Anansi has been experiencing a severe backlog in submissions that has resulted in very long delays. We apologize for the wait. After careful consideration and considerable review, our editorial board has decided that, although you demonstrate writing potential, Blind Spot does not […]

on the radio

i participated a while ago on Michel Dumais’ Citoyen Numerique. you have to listen through the little player, it’s: 2007 10 11 01citoyennumnerique-ballado 2007 10 11 02citoyennumnerique-ballado 2007 10 11 03citoyennumnerique-ballado the main librivox part is 03, at minute: 15:15ish. the rest is about podcasting, podcasting in quebec, digital music downloads etc … i make […]

years later …

from librivox forum: After years of listening to Libri Vox works I have now felt the need to post a call to do up a book and am even ready to record chapters if needed…. …After years of listening to LibriVox works … ??? wow. I guess we have been around for a while now.

unpublished novel vote

OK so I said a while back that if I have not heard from the publisher about Blind Spot (my old, fatally-flawed first novel; i have a newer one to shop around now) by the end of September, I would do something with it. Options: 1. make an audio version (maybe with some LibriVox friends) […]